Career Opportunities: A Career In Culinary Arts

Culinary Art has excellent Career opportunities and has completely changed the food industry sector. It has a very definite blend of food, culture, innovation, and modernization. This field requires various skills like cooking, preparing, designing, innovating and presenting food.

Career In Culinary Arts Fee Structure:

The annual fee structure for this course differs from 45000 to 2,00,000. Short term diploma courses fees range from 30000 to 80000 Rs. The fees structure abroad is almost 8 lacs per year. Skilled students can make use of scholarships and financial aids.

Job offers:

This field is increasing in its career prospects with diversified profiles. In India, this field is expected to grow within a decade. You can get placed in Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Bistros and Bakeries, Resorts etc.

Culinary Artists can explore a spectrum of profiles:- 

  • Food and Beverage Controller

  • Chefs

  • Food Critics

  • Commercial Food Manufacturers

  • Cooks

  • Food Bloggers

  • Food Inspectors

  • Catering Managers

  • Professional Instructors

  • Restaurant Consultants and Designers

  • Catering Managers


This is definitely a lucrative career, especially for dedicated and passionate professionals. At first, the companies shortlist such candidates under internship with low salary package. This is a very competitive field and in order to succeed in this field requires immense dedication. As a fresher, you will earn about 7k to 15 kpm. With experience and knowledge, you will earn about 50 to 70 kpm.

Future of Culinary Art:

This field has a broader scope and career opportunities in the future because of globalization. There is a mix of a blend of various cultures leading to innovations in this industry. Earlier it was just merely existing field now it is quite lively and widely chosen field. Culinary artists have been benefited with the national and international food festivals.

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