Career Guidance: Various Types Of Resumes And Action Verbs to Avoid On Resume

It is often that happens is that we browse through several recruiting platforms, try to find out the right kind of job unless we find our dream job. Next, you send your resume, make some edits to suit the job role and the company’s position. But there is a problem. It didn’t click well. Chances are that you have shared the wrong kind of resume for the specific job description. Here we shall discuss types of resumes that suit you best for your career advancement.

It’s not only that you did not share sufficient information, but the resume format, style, and words make a significant difference.

Here let’s know about the types of resumes.

There are three main types of resumes: chronological resumes, functional resumes, and combination resume.

Let’s talk about the types of resumes:

Chronological Resumes:

This type of resume highlights your professional experiences in a reverse order, starting from your latest job and move backward, telling about your experience, achievements, and education.

This is a popular kind of resume. As the style is clear and logical, recruiters easily access your qualifications and determine if you are the right fit for the job.

Functional Resumes

This showcase your skills and achievements rather your work experience. Though you need to mention your work history, add at the bottom. You need to tell about what you could do as a performer.

Functional resumes are good for graduates, people with a sabbatical in their work history of more than a year, or people who intend a career switch.

Combination Resumes

This kind of CV has both the features, chronological and functional. You need to start with a summary of your skills and achievements and next tell about your work experience in a reverse order.

After finishing with the types of resumes, let’s discuss how to make a good resume.

Here you need to think about action verbs:

Action verbs tell the reader of what the subject is about. Most resumes use the same and repetitive words of which the recruiters are now bored with. So, why not try something new with over several resume action words like “accomplished,” “initiated,” “supervised,” or “navigate.”

Words to avoid

These words need to be avoided:

  • Go-getter

  • Think outside the box

  • Synergy

  • Go-to-person

  • Bottom line

  • Results Driven

  • Team player

Though words like “hard-working and “team player” do not convince much, nowadays.


The first step to create a resume that would help you stand out is choosing the right type that is suitable for the job you’re applying for and also your profile.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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