Career Guidance: Tips On How To Crack NEET Exam 2018

This time of the year, many of you are busy with preparation for the NEET 2018. You must be busy with your textbooks and guides, notes, studying the nights, and sitting at their desk, fidgeting with pencils and trying to memorise the formulae. Here we share some tips on how to crack NEET exam.


Have you started? If you haven’t yet, please get into a frame and start preparations from today. The most important step is to plan the journey and find out the starting point.

What makes some students, NEET toppers is dedicated practice and revisions are the major force that leads to success.

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Know the syllabus well:

NEET syllabus is like a vast ocean, and you must know what to master it. Minus the extra information and focus on the important topics. As NEET covers the NCERT syllabus, you can compare both. As there are common chapters for you don’t need to prepare them differently. This will offer you ample time to focus on the extra parts of the syllabus.

Study material:

An important element! Though you might find it confusing, the task of selecting the study material g, but with the guidance from teachers and online experts, you can go for the right one. You can also consult NEET toppers and find out which book they referred. You can also read NEET topper interviews and try to get an idea about their preparation.

Your own effective study plan:

Time is essential. Set your own goals and plan your time and bring positive changes to your lives. Unless you make a complete and thorough schedule of the way you wish to study, you won’t be able to complete the syllabus. Plan for the next week and mark the chapters which you need to prepare for the start.

What to focus on NEET 2018?

Physics – Optics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics

Chemistry – Moles, Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, Coordination Chemistry, Chemical Bonding

Biology- genetics, Ecology and Environment, Cell Biology, Reproduction, and Physiology of both Plants and Animals; Basics of Biotechnology

Work your weaker areas:

Never be discouraged by the areas you are weak at. Try and work harder on the weaker areas to make them your strength. If necessary, take help from your friend or senior or take some extra classes for the subject. It will help to overcome your fear.

Take study breaks:

You need sufficient rest time in between preparations for the exam. For an optimum level of concentration you don’t need long breaks but short one but regular breaks. Even remember that your breaks must not be your higher priority than studies.

Practice a lot mock test papers:

One of the greatest challenges is the time limitation. Students need to finish 180 questions in 180 minutes (i.e. 3 hours). Time management is mandatory skill and that needs lots of practice. Try the complete solution of NEET previous year question paper; focus on frequently asked questions, topics and pattern.

Take help of new technologies:

There are several people who study by making marks in the textbooks and make notes with a pen on a scrap of paper. These methods have their special place and importance, but there are other options as well, for personalizing study than ever before. It could be via any online tools, social media, videos, blogs or mobile apps, learning has become an easy and interesting phenomenon which is also user-centred nowadays. If you want to try a new learning technology, then you should opt for the new technologies as well.

Avoid the clutch of guesswork:

Many candidates have a tendency of taking the route of guesswork to solve exam questions they don’t know. To mention, this is very risky in a case as there is negative marking for any wrong answer. It is highly suggested to leave a question completely if you do not know the right answer. This is one of the most important tips to be successful at the NEET 2018!

Mind your health:

It’s crucial to keep yourself fit both physically and mentally. Instead of complaining about enough sleep or eating too many junkies, take control and plan a balanced diet. This will make you happier and more productive. Avoid junk food and oily things and get a healthy diet plan. Do spend some time in meditation and yoga exercises for better focus on body and mind. All the tips to crack NEET would be useless if you don’t care for this one factor.

Positivity is a must :

Your attitude definitely decides your entire learning process. If you take a negative approach and keep brooding that you cannot do it, then you cannot commit to the entire hard work which you need. An approach with grumble face will only make things worse for you. The moment you start to think positive, your brain will exhibit greater activity. You need a right frame of mind to make you less anxious and more open to newer ideas.

These were some of the best tips to crack NEET 2018! We hope the above information helps you in your preparations. You need to check out the exact dates for the exam online and also the exam pattern and syllabus mentioned.

With this, we conclude. This blog on career guidance will help you plan and be successful at the upcoming NEET 2018, only you need to be honest with yourself and don’t waste your time. Stay connected with us for more career guidance tips in every field of profession.

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