Career Guidance Tips On How To Explain Being Fired

Facing a job interview after getting fired can be difficult. You might self-doubt and wonder if you can get a better job again. Who would hire someone who has been fired? It is an uneasy situation and awkward too, but do not worry, keep reading this blog about career guidance, you would know how to how to explain being fired.

Do not get embarrassed and do not panic. If you were a recruiter, you would have questioned the same to an employee. Be confident and you can answer this question too.

Be honest!

Believe me, it is not an easy thing to explain why you were fired from your previous job. But honesty is the best policy. The simplest approach. Tell them the truth and be transparent about everything. Lying is always bad.

Now being honest does not mean you need to detail about everything, how your fault cost the employer and anything such. Answer with a high level. Just tell about the circumstances and carry on the discussion. Do not overemphasize on your termination.

Do not be emotional

Do not speak ill of your previous employer. Do not put the entire blame on them. Try to remain positive and remain diplomatic in your replies. If you play a blame game, the recruiters might take the side of your previous employer. Let the conversation be on a positive note.

Show what you have learned

Take responsibility for your part. There are two sides to every story. Act mature and professionally, and show how you have evolved through this situation. This way, you can show your strength, self-confidence, and character. The recruiters would like to know that you could change a negative experience into something positive.

Nobody is perfect. Even you might not know that one of the interviewers you are talking was fired previously. The hiring manager does not expect you to be perfect. He would realize your mistakes and would appreciate your realization too. The important thing is that you have learned from it.

Do not be nervous answering on your termination or give explanations being fired, the best thing is that be prepared to say what you should. To be fired is a bad experience, and it might need some practice to speak in the open. You need to prepare your words and practice in front of a mirror. Give a mock interview in front of a friend or relative. Practice a lot.

Know that someone might get fired at the time that does not make them a bad employee, and your recruiter won’t think badly of you. Even it doesn’t mean you won’t get another job. Do not be a terrible critic for self.

The best and practical advice on career guidance is that; face the interview with confidence and grace. Take it as a learning experience. Tell the recruiter what you are and what you have to offer.

Always remember that transparency is the key. Be honest and tactful in your replies. Be smart enough to tell about the phase, and also add to your experience and how you evolved.

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