Career Guidance Tips On Interview Preparation For Introverts

For an introvert, finding a job is a nerve-wrecking experience. This is not an easy proposition to face the interview and the hiring managers. Here we share some career guidance tips to help with interview preparation for introverts.

Job interviews don’t happen quite often; rather it can take several dozens of resume submissions before you can secure an interview with a good employer. There is lots of pressure on you to present yourself in a manner during the interview that you qualify the job. Check out the best careers for introverts here.

This entire process could be more stressful for the recent college grads that don’t have much experience with job interviews till date. And above that, if you are an introvert, then it’s like double trouble. Here we listed tips for interview preparation for introverts.

Problems for Introverts:

One of the major problems on being an introvert is that people often tends to mistake you for being shy or not so social. This isn’t the truth at all. In fact, introverts can be also social as extroverts; it’s that they don’t tend to wear their emotions on their face.

They also have to balance their time between others whom they deal with and with self, to get some mental recharge.

Introverts tend to have more difficulty with job interviews than extroverts and not just because of their state of nerves. Introverts often come off as guarded, cold or sometimes boring to the people they speak with but this is many times, not the truth.

One of the gifts for extroverts is an ability to wing it. They have an ability to attend a meeting or an interview with little or no preparation and also have a way to create a good impression owing to their outgoing personality. This is not actually a gift when come to job interviews. In fact, going into a job interview being unprepared often leaves the introverts unsettled and worried.

The interview might go well, but an introvert could end up creating a mess because they end up sending a nervous vibe because they were worried about where things could go wrong. Little advanced interview preparation for introverts can do magic.

Check out the job interview tips for introverts that would help you properly prepare for an interview as well as aid you to leave a good impression on the hiring manager:

Preparations for the Job Interview:

You need to do some preparation and learn about the place of interview and ahead of time. Knowing where the interview would be held can help lower a little bit of stress. Visit the location by personal car or take public transportation to find out how long the trip could take place. This way, you’ll exactly know how to get there on the interview day and you’ll knowing exactly how long it takes to visit the place, will not make you worry about being late.

Next, what you can do is trying finding out who is interviewing you. You should know who the hiring manager or interviewer is going to be. See, if you could do some background research on the person from the company website for information or by glancing at social media profiles. To know somewhat little about your interviewer will help you to be at ease since it takes away the factor of the unknown. And you might also find out that you both have something in common that you can discuss about. This would make it easier to engage in a discussion with an interviewer – Talking to an unknown person, is often a challenge for introverts.

Research the company:

Try to learn about the company’s history, what the company does and its future goals. This would help you to fit your personal goals with the company’s during an interview. It would also prepare you if the interviewer asks you what is your opinion about the company or why you wish to work with them. These are some questions which you need to be prepared for.

One of the best career guidance tip is that you should do some research on the position. Try to find out what and how much you can about the position you are applying for. This way, you would be able to share why you consider yourself as the perfect candidate for the position. Doing a proper research might find out a few questions that you have about the position also, interviewers generally like and welcome any questions that you have.

Note down the answers to potential interview questions. One of the things which introverts tend to have issues with is answering the questions fast. Introverts generally like to think about a question in detail so that they can offer a thorough answer, even if they’ve lots of research in regards to the company and the position.

To mention, in a job interview you might think you are not prepared or do not have an answer. To avoid these things from happening, sit down before an interview and note down a list of questions which you think an interviewer might ask. Answer them and study them. Believe us; you’ll be much more prepared to answer fast and thoroughly when similar questions are asked during an interview.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career tips, news, and updates.

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