Career Guidance On How To Get Hired In Start-up

Though all the same its entrepreneurship, there is the difference between start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprise with respect to business models. In this blog post, we write about the basic recruitment methods and provide with tips on how to get hired in start-up.

How start-ups hire people:

Start-ups usually have lots of work pressures and stakeholders and make sure they have the right people. With very fewer resources, many people do not opt to take up a job there. But there are a few start-up job boards where you find job opportunities. A unique aspect of start-up recruitment is that there are several steps of challenges are there to ensure that the right person gets employed.

What do they watch for in the applications?

People who want to grow and their career. Start-up roles unique require people who might be able to look after several tasks. They emphasis mainly on growth and that is also the key criteria that have been looked for in candidates.

How recruitment process takes place?

It starts with a short phone interview which lasts for about 10-15 minute but says a lot about your candidature. Do not ask shallow or practical questions like company’s address or the work of the company, this would show your lesser awareness and interest for the job.

You need to answer their questions and your words must tally with the information mentioned on your CV.

How could you stand out in an interview?

A good preparation with little more effort, a better research and rehearsal, it shows an employer that you can put similar efforts into the role. Here we share some best ways to prepare for the interview:

  • Get connected with present employees on LinkedIn

  • Do online research about business

  • Find the press releases to know what they feel proud about

  • Customise your skills in CV with job role

  • Learn about their market and product review

Why consider a start-up over a graduate scheme?

Graduate schemes offer a good and strong career progression, offering you a clear path through entry-level roles to middle management. In start-ups, the job roles often lack structure in favour of independence and variety. You are supposed to get adapted to newer challenges and be innovative, expand your skill beyond your original job role. This says that you can grow like an independently lead and can develop your career completely based on your effort.

Advice for the candidates

You need to be sure that the company is the right fit for you. If you join a startup owing to its good name or huge salary, might not end well if you don’t find yourself as a good fit for the company. It might lead to depression and exhaustion; each day would take a toll on you and your passion work there. The interview process is the best time to gather enough information about the organization.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance on how to get hired in start-up. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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