Career Guidance: How To Get A Government Job in India

A government job is everybody’s dream but not easy to get and also not that tough. Persistence should be your motto if you are aspiring for a government job. Finding a government job could become fussy if you are not pretty well prepared. Some people can get a job at first attempt itself, while some takes a decade! So is there any secret? In this career guidance blog we shall discuss a few tips how to find a government job.

1. Employment Exchange:

An old idea though, but quite effective. But if you register at the nearest Employment Exchange you could land you into a government office some day. All you need to do is go to the nearest Employment Exchange and get yourself registered. It will take less than a day. If you are fortunate enough, you will get an interview call for a government job as per your academic qualifications. So if have not yet registered , then get it registered soon.

2. Think about a Sector:

If you want to find a government job, then you have to decide the sector you wish to get a job. Government of India gives employment in several sectors starting from IT to engineering fields. So first you need to decide a sector that suits your academic qualifications and skills. Also you have to select a specific post depending upon parameters like job timings, salary, benefits and such.

3. NCC:

NCC is the short form for National Cadet Cops, they offer a training program every year and give certificates. These NCC certificates are quite important as they prove to be beneficial in all the government exams. Candidates with NCC certificates are given the highest priority and they have a competitive edge over other candidates, mainly in Defence sector. The certificates are given in accordance to the level of the candidate.

4. NSS:

This is an acronym for National Service Scheme. Very much like NCC, NSS is also quite advantageous. But in NSS, service to the public is the actual program whereas in NCC physical training is of much more significance. The program needs a candidate to serve the public for a certain amount of time, and this would be monitored by higher officials or seniors. Serving the public includes work like helping elder people, teaching in government schools, serving in rural areas and similar activities. A certificate would be awarded at the end of the program based upon evaluation of the candidate by the authorities.

5. Keep a track on Notifications:

Once you have decides the branch you wish to join. You have to remain updated with the notifications and vacancy announcement from that particular branch. There are several sites which gets updated with all the government notifications, from time to time. So a candidate has to remain alerted about the notifications for UPSC, IBPS or any other.

6. Reasoning and Numerical ability:

To mention, most of the government exams have made reasoning and numerical abilities a must section. You need to practise reasoning every day. The most important thing is time management while attempting any competitive exams. So practicing is quite necessary and will prepare to be successful.

7. Knowledge on Current affairs and General Knowledge:

Make newspaper reading a habit every day without any failure. Also keep a track of all the national and certain important international events. Take a note and prepare your own current affairs book. This would come in handy for any government exam you attend. You have to collect general knowledge like names of significant people, important dates and historical events. All government exams has a section for general knowledge and current affairs. So you must be prepared at prior.

8. general English and communication skills:

Several government jobs presently have an interview round. So you need to brush up your communication skills. Also attend mock interviews and group discussions. Get your vocabulary improved and try reasoning with other people applying logic by making points and discussing facts in. You nee to daily practice basic grammar because they are included in all the government exams.

9. Syllabus and books:

This is very essential, you have to note the complete syllabus and follow the important books. You must prepare according to the topics and not according to the chapters. Reading everything would be tedious. Study every day and regularly and also essential that you read from a single major source, though there is information in several sources. Try to mould all that information into a single source. Regularly read from this single source and repeat it. Another essential thing is that you need to practise all the previous years’ question papers. This will give an idea into the exam pattern and what to expect in the exam hall.

10. Coaching Class:

And another significant things is attending a coaching program. If a typical type of coaching is not suitable, then you can go for an online coaching program. There are several institutions and websites which provide coaching for government exams. Be wise at choosing the right coaching center based on their teaching expertise and study material and not their name. A proper coaching will definitely help you and guide in the right direction.

With this, we conclude the discussion about the 10 tips to be successful in government exams.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career tips, news, and updates.

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