Career Guidance: Career Tips We Can Take From The Life Of MS Dhoni

Did you watch the movie MS Dhoni: The Untold Story? A much-anticipated film that got a mixed response, with some obvious shortcomings but with great lessons to learn. Here we share the best teachings from the life of a great captain of India, Dhoni for your career guidance.

A few life lessons to be learned from the movie:

1. Aim the stars and always dream big:

Dhoni was born to a pump operator and when he got a job in the railways, he was quite happy. But, Dhoni had bigger dreams, a dream which made him one of India’s greatest cricket captains. He aimed for the stars to land on the moon.

2. Remain humble and continue learning from your peers:

Dhoni earned a reputation as an aggressive batsman from the very start, but, he didn’t let his pride stop him from learning from others. He learned the helicopter shot from his friend, which later on became his trademark shot.

3. Never allow your opponents or obstacles devastate you:

During a match against Punjab, Yuvraj Singh scored huge individual innings of more than300 runs, much higher than the total, which Dhoni’s entire team posted. Dhoni was impressed by Yuvi’s batting spree and also acknowledged that they lost the match even before it started, because his team was blown away by Yuvraj’s attitude and reputation.

4. You must not always listen to your parents:

This is unconventional career guidance. As a child, Dhoni was always advised by his dad that playing has its own place and studies are primary. When Dhoni got the railway job, his dad was very happy and MSD accepted the job only to make his dad happy. But, then he realized that the job of a TC was holding him back, he quit, despite his father’s objection.

5. Accept your failures and learn lessons:

Dhoni was a cricket sensation from his school days and was praised by all. However, when didn’t make it to the U-19 team, everyone was disappointed, but, Dhoni threw a party. Why? Because he realized and appreciated the reality check of the humiliation and worked harder to reach where he’s now.

6. Sometime you will be disheartened, that’s okay:

The entry of Dhoni into the cricket teams was not easy, had to face some hurdles. He was quite disheartened but didn’t give up. He continued to struggle until he finally made it to the playing 11 of the men in blue.

7. There is no alternative to hard work:

Dhoni used to finish his 3-hour-long exams in only 2 hours 30 minutes to go and practice with his club. He managed both his studies and passion together. Even after starting a full-time job, he never missed a practice session. One essential career guidance is that there is no other way to hard work.

8. Leave your comfort zone to achieve something extraordinary:

Dhoni had a permanent government job, a happy family and he could have lived a life of ease too. But, he took an alternate route. He took the risk because he didn’t want to live a regular life.

9. Don’t care what others are saying and follow the heart always:

Don’t even over think about things too much and do what keeps you happy. Dhoni never cared what people would say. He travelled to Delhi to meet his then-girlfriend and later went to Aurangabad by road to spend some time with Sakshi. He was carefree even after regular media interference.

10. Its good to have an attitude, but your modesty and being grounded will take you far:

Dhoni never forgot his roots. And, if he wasn’t modest, the first encounter with his wife, Sakshi would have been just a tragedy.

11. Never fear the hatred you will get from taking tough decisions:

The Indian cricket team was going through a phase of change and senior players were considered ‘slow’ in comparison to the younger players of other teams. Dhoni knew to win the 2011 World Cup he needed a young team. He put forth his thoughts to the selection committee. Everyone hated him initially, but, it worked out for the best.

12. Ensure you have a hobby:

Whenever Dhoni needed to relax and unwind himself, he spent his time at the garage, modifying his bike, going on rides and getting new ones as well. A hobby helps you cope up with the troubles of your life.

13. Don’t ignore your loyal friends, they are quite significant:

MSD had talent, but, talent alone didn’t take him to the pinnacle. The support of his loved ones was significant. His friends supported him a lot for cricket, more than his family. He also didn’t forget them even after becoming a star.

14. Don’t allow your personal life distract your professional life:

Just before a significant Pakistan series, Dhoni’s late girlfriend asked, “Will you miss me?”, he said, “No, that will distract me.” It’s quite difficult but if you have to give your 100%, you need a clear mind. He was firm and cool-minded, after the sudden and tragic demise of his girlfriend.

15. Always remain spontaneous:

India has had to chase a big target in the World Cup final and after losing fast a few wickets, there was lots of panic in the dressing room. Yuvraj was padded up and ready to go. But, Dhoni took a risk and promoted to that order and led them to the finish line in style.

Nothing is impossible, gear up and go out there to fight, to make your dreams come true.

With this, we conclude. Stay connected with us for more career advice and career guidance in every field of profession.

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