Career Guidance To Become A Cosmetologist And Its Scope

You must be hearing the term, Cosmetology. Well, it is a word derived from the Greek word beautifying – and is the study and application of beauty treatments with specialization in cosmetic care of skin, hair, body, and nails. To practice, you must have completed certain qualification to be registered and next practice. If you are interested in a career in this field and looking for job vacancies for fresher or experienced, this blog is for you.

It is undeniable that ongoing changes in the environment, greenhouse gasses, stress, dietary issues, lifestyle, over usage of gadgets and drugs have started showing their effects on human life. Issues like eye bags, less muscle tone, smile lines and early wrinkles are now universal and not only among the aged but also the youth. Cosmetology addresses these concerns and helps you in a healthy and spirited life.

Cosmetology is an industry that offers an opportunity for both men and women.

Skills needed

Cosmetologists should have a basic education, preferably graduation, be smart and elegant and possess leadership qualities to get and retain customers. A Diploma or a Certificate is a must for cosmetologists, while the perfect knowledge, merit, and self-reliance are the deal breakers. Creativity is the core of Cosmetology, as cosmetologists must look into the customer’s mind and come up with solutions as desired.

Cosmetologists should maintain a very good rapport with their client as a major part of their business is based on the word of mouth and customer retention. Good communication skills really play a unique and professional role.

Education and Training

Formal educational is not a must for a career in cosmetology, but the fundamental requirement is needed that includes, basic school education and a certificate or diploma from a cosmetology institute. The individual must be over 16 years of age. There are some polytechnic and vocational institutes which offer courses in Beauty Care or Cosmetology. But you need to be upgrading yourself with the current trends and ongoing changes.

Diploma in Cosmetology from a reputed training institution is quite recommended. Specialisation in Beauty, Hair or Nail Therapy-Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 would add more to your professional profile. MBA or a degree in Chemistry is also quite helpful in this industry.

Institutes in India

National and Regional Vocational Training Institute for Women (Allahabad, Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata, Vadodara, Indore, Hissar, Trivandrum and Tura)

YWCA centers in Major cities

VLCC Institue of Beauty, Health & Management ( major cities)

Shahnaz Hussain’s Women’s World International

Habib’s Hair Academy

Career scope

The career potentials are endless. With experience and reputation, one can develop a niche in the sector. Trained cosmetologists can find jobs in reputed parlors, high-end salons, and big hotels and resorts. The glam industry always looks out for good make-up artists. The fashion world has opened new job openings for professionals in this field. Other opportunities include as an image consultant, writing books or blogging and teaching.

Here are some more job profiles as professionals in Cosmetology:

1. Theatre or Performance makeup artist

2. Professional makeup

3. Photographic and Fashion makeup

4. Fashion Stylist

5. Skincare specialist

6. Personal Stylist

7. Salon Creative Director

8. Hairstylist

9. Salon or Spa Manager or Therapist

10. Beautician

11. Wedding and Event Stylist

12. Makeup Artist

13. Editorial and Advertising Stylist

14. Platform Artist

How to get hired?

There are several imperatives for fresher before you get into the industry as professionals.

Some important guidelines for to get hired in this industry:

1. Enrol in a Certificate or Diploma from a reputed institute. Aspirants should verify the worth and infrastructure provided for hands-on training, offered certification, skill-development methods, faculty and placement opportunities, before registering for a course.

2. Prior work experience is essential, but not a must. Applicants should be passionate towards the profession.

3. Self-confidence really helps a lot in a job in any branch of the beauty industry.


The pay package is based mainly on the definite branch of the profession selected by the aspirant. In India, young professionals basically are offered Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakhs annually at the start. But, with a professional degree, they can also expect a remuneration of Rs. 50,000 per month.

With this, we conclude. Always keep in mind the above tips and also be wise while you take a decision of choosing the right career. Stay connected with career advice to know about tips for perfect CV for engineers and non-engineers, career tips, and advice for careers in every sector.

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