Career Guidance On How To Become An Architect

To become an architect you need to be creative and passionate about your work. This is a profession where a person makes design drafts and visualizes how the buildings would be constructed or any other structures which people use for shelter. Architects are well educated and need to get their license and have lots of responsibilities. Here as career guidance tips, we shall discuss how to become an architect to help those who are aspiring to become one.

How to Become an Architect

Basically, you need academic requirements and licenses and with various career options, this field has to offer a lot. Career guidance on how to become an architect and choose among the various options in this field is mentioned below:

1. Understand the profession:

You should be science-minded people

The study of architecture is a combination of both art and science. So you must be good at maths and physics as being essential components of architectural science.

2. Decide what kind of architect you want to be:

The work of an architect begins with projects. Their job includes designing the project to completion of the same. You can join any of the spheres within the same field.

A landscape architect must have an academic knowledge in plant science along with architecture.

Some architects only need to concentrate on the designing concept.

Several construction firms hire architects to supervise and look after the construction of structures.

Some architects only construct certain big buildings like big malls, hospitals, and schools. They also work in the renovation of old buildings.

3. Communicating with architects:

At some point in career or a project, an architect needs to discuss and find solutions while talking with other architects as well.

The best career guidance is that you should get into this field through an internship.

Education or Training:

To become an expert and flourish in this field you need right kind of education and training as well.

1. Major in architecture:

You should get into the right institutes and do your course. The institutes that offer the right and strong architectural program. Some schools offer a 5-year program. While going for a specific program, you must make sure that the program is accredited by the NAAB. Prior to applying for the course, you must find out if the courses are for graduate programs.

2. Graduation

You can go for any kind of graduation to be in the field of architecture, a program accredited by the NAAB is required. There are some programs which concentrate on things like:


Modern designing


4. An Internship Development Program:

This program is designed such that the person has a complete exposure in various areas, like pre-designing, project management and practice management and also final designing is given.

5. To qualify the Architect Registration Examination:

With various sections related to different facets of the profession, you need to qualify, every stage. It also offers a proper assessment of an individual

C: A license as an Architect:

After completion of the mentioned courses and examinations successfully, the next step is to get a license. You need to follow a detailed procedure for the same.

1. Getting the initial license:

You have to contact the architecture registration board and must belong to the state from where the person would like to practice their career. You must look out for every additional thing needed for the initial license procedure. But you must have finished the IDP and passed the ARE.

2. Get an NCARB certificate:

After getting the initial license, you have to do the necessary paperwork required for certification methods. The NCARB certification provides proof that the person has the highest needed professional standards in the field of architecture studies.

3. Practice

Without practice in this field, your education will get wasted. You can start by joining a firm which carries out designing or making of buildings either residential or commercial buildings or both happens. The best way to start with practice is being a consultant in a construction firm.

The architecture is an amazing choice of career. If you are passionate about your career in architecture, then a proper start can help you attain great heights. But you need to do in a correct and systematic way. With the right kind of information at the early stages before starting, internships must be done well.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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