Career Development Trends And Technology For 2019

There is a continuous change in the global market. There is a continuous shift in the economy from industry to knowledge. There are lots of factors that affect career development trends and technology like demographics, globalization, social and lifestyle trends. Our careers and personal lives are affected in various ways because of the following factors:

1. Taking a holistic approach,

2. Getting to know the client’s career framework,

3. Capitalizing on the opportunity, and

4. Consciously enhancing interpersonal skills.

1) Taking a Holistic Approach :

A linear approach was followed in the past by career practitioners as the external need was aligned with the current approach. There was frequent job switch on the basis of health benefits, job security and education. There cannot be much separation between personal-emotional issues. This is regarded as a holistic approach and is needed for enhancing personal discord in our lives. This shift consists of lots of occupational knowledge than if it was needed in the past.

2) Getting to know the Client’s Career Framework :

Similar to personal counseling career counseling must be approached which implies that the counselor must consider the client’s life development which takes all the parts into consideration. Earlier a single approach was frequently used because the paths were quite familiar. People are working hard to achieve the goals by fixing a position between satisfying work and activities apart from work. It is significant to understand the client’s insight and career look out and reply to them clearly.

3) Capitalizing on Opportunity :

The clients are assisted by career practitioners in this holistic approach for recognizing and preparing career goals. This can be done in two ways, at first they enhance the open-minded people and reframe a mindset of the client into a single valuable exploration. The second one is lead clients along the exploration of a path with persistence, curiosity, and flexibility. If the clients have excellent functional abilities the career must be pursued in an effective manner.

4) Consciously Enhancing Interpersonal Skills :

Career practitioners must help the clients in grooming the relationship skills which are a full need, not only for careers but also for shifting periods and transition in their lives. There are various skills like emotional intelligence skills, including self-management skills and interpersonal skills which permit productively in a work environment and are shift-able to any career.

Camaraderie and exploration are acted upon with the help of Relationship skills which are significant for support mechanisms and building networks.

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