Career Advice On How To Answer “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job”

Among several interview questions, this is one such tricky one and you need to be wise in your outlook. To know more on how to answer this question, keep reading this blog to answer why you left your last job.

It could be that you are leaving under odd circumstances and don’t want to share the entire truth. But you are not sure, how much to say. It also could be that you might think that you’ve got a pretty solid reason for why you left your last job. Either way, this blog has everything covered.

Best Answers For Why Did You Leave Your Last Job:

1. I had been with the company for several years and now want to experience a new environment to continue my growth.

No hiring manager would find fault in wanting to have well-rounded experience and gain a new perspective on your career.

2. I was offered a better position at another company.

Your past employers can’t every time offer the ideal next step in your career when you need. Leaving to advance in your career is a common reason and this won’t be the first time an interviewer heard it. You can be honest entirely if this is the case.

3. I left for an opportunity to advance my career.

In case it happened that you didn’t receive a promotion in terms of job title, but you saw a better path forward at another company. Or you opted for another company to learn new skills.

4. I was offered a better pay increase.

The fact is that we all work for money. Also, try to combine with some other reason so that you don’t appear too much focused on money. This is one practical reason for why did you leave your last job, though.

5. A former boss or colleague recruited me to their company.

It could be that one of your great seniors; left the company to start a new company. She or he called you a year later and said they would want you to join their board. That is a great reason to give why did you leave your last job.

6. My office brought in a new manager and I felt it was the appropriate time to leave.

Things change. One common reason could be that a new director or manager is brought in to replace the old boss.

7. I was hired for a certain role, but with passing days I didn’t get an opportunity to do the work I was interested in.

Jobs change. Or sometimes you’re hired for a job and what you are asked to do is not what mentioned in the job description. This is a good reason for why you left your last job.

8. I was no longer finding my job fulfilling or enjoying.

If you stayed for several years but left because you couldn’t find the work meaningful or enjoyable, that’s okay. Just be sure to show that this new company you are being interviewed, they’re different, or that they are offering you something you enjoy.

9. I had been with this company for several years and learned a lot, but wanted a good change.

If you had been at your last job for several years or more, there’s nothing wrong with just saying you felt ready to move on.

It could be that you have learned almost everything you could there, or just wanted to try something new. That is a good reason for leaving if you have spent a long time with one company.

10. I re-evaluated my career goals and realized a change that was imperative.

Career goals and objectives change. And if your company doesn’t offer what fits with your new goals, it’s okay to leave. That’s a good reason for why you left your last job.

Just be sure to show the interviewer that you know what you aspire to your career now. And show them how their job offer fits into your goals. If not, they’ll be worried that you might change your mind after they hire you.

11. I went back to university to pursue higher education

This can happen at any time. It’s very common and you must not feel anxious about giving an answer like this while telling, why you left your last job.

12. I didn’t find there was an opportunity to grow or advance further in that role so I decided a change in my career.

If your company or organization was holding you back, or if you were stuck under a “glass ceiling”, this is a nice way to say during an interview without sounding much negative.

13. I wanted to take new responsibilities that my present company couldn’t offer.

You have learned all the skills at your job, and your company couldn’t offer it, so you had to think of a change. That’s okay. The interviewer would understand. And you’ll sound ambitious and inspired which is great.

14. I felt that the job was not using my abilities to the fullest.

If you’re bored with your job or not finding challenged, it’s difficult to stay motivated and focused on your career and your job. So this could be a really great reason to leave your job.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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