Career Advice: Things You Should Not To Tell Your Boss

Though the stereotypical image of the boss is changing and several of them are trying to be more casual with their subordinates, yet some boundaries must not be crossed. A boss might be kind, friendly and outgoing but remember by the end of the day he or she would decide your promotion and appraisals. So stick to your professionalism and know through this blog at career advice, what you must not tell your boss.

1. I don’t have time for…

Always know that NO is not a good option, professionally. If you are occupied with several stuff and have lesser time, just ask your boss which task to be prioritized instead of refusing.

A can-do attitude could help you in long run.

2. I do not know how it is to be done

Don‘t have this negative attitude. Always be willing to learn what you dob ‘t know and last try your best.

3. An instant yes

Well, though a NO is showing negative attitude, saying an instant yes and not being able to do the work is another drawback. DO not make promises which you don’t think you can fulfill.

Don’t hesitate to keep your opinion on the table.

4. I am looking for job opportunities somewhere else

Employers know that the employees must be thinking about job switch but it is unwise and unprofessional to say out loud to your boss about such.

And also give a proper notice period when you find a new job.

5. The earlier boss did not do it such

As you won’t like to be compared with your co-worker, so also your boss won’t like comparisons with anyone. If you do so, you might not get good roles in new projects and assignments, which won’t be good on your part.

6. I have nothing to do, can I leave now?

Just because you have finished your work, it’s not that you have to leave. You can think about new projects or just organize your desk.

7. I am feeling bored

There could be feeling of dissatisfaction but you must be positive and enthusiast. Just brooding about feeling bored is not sufficient, you need to keep rocking for you are paid.

8. I’m having hungover

It could be that you have developed a cordial relationship with your boss. Just to make things lighter, he or she must have small talk related to your relationships or such.

However, it is unprofessional to discuss fun from yesternight’s party. And also saying that you are in a hungover mood. It’s a big NO!

9. I have a crush on you

To develop a good relationship with your boss means a professional one and not a romantic one. Do not push yourself out of comfort zone. There is a difference between complimenting her attire and that to her nice body.

10. I’ve some personal issues…

You must just break up your relationship. Or you have marital problems. There should be death in the family. If you think of discussing them with your boss, then wait. They are painful topics to be discussed with your friend and relative and not your boss.

The best career guidance on this topic is that do not be desperate and remain professional. You need to build a good professional relationship, nothing more or lesser.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance on what not to be told to your boss. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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