Career Advice: The Top 8 Best Travel Jobs

You must be working hard and doing over time to gear up for your next vacation to some place. And that makes you a tourist and not a traveller. If you love travelling and want more time pursuing your hobby, then you could take up a job with travelling as normal part or opt for seasonal jobs which would require living at different places at different times, might be for weeks or months. In this career advice we mentioned about the best travel jobs which you can apply for.

If you want a stable job with predictable income, you would go for the first kind. Here at career advice, we shall look for some options from both categories in a list for travelling job:

1. Flight Attendant:

In this role you might able to travel various destinations, depending on the airline. How much time you would get to explore those locations that are a different thing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions that median wage of flight attendants is $48,500.

The bad news is that, projections reveal that there is slower-than-average job growth in future.

2. Commercial Airline Pilot:

If you wish to spend two- or three-day stays in cities around the country or the world, but want a better pay check than a flight attendant, then the career advice is that you need to learn to fly. You can apply for airlines that have routes services, where you wish to go.

The median wage for airline pilots is $105,720 and future job prospective would remain the same.

3. Geologist:

Being a geologist for an oil company, you can travel extensively, around the world where there are oil mines. Similar is true for mining companies. You could be finding gold in Brazil a month and copper in China for the next.

According to the BLS the geoscientists get a median annual wage of $89,780.

4. TEFL Teacher:

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) gives opportunity to travel to several destinations, but for longer stays. The standard qualification you would need is a TEFL certificate, which you can earn through online training.

5. Cruise Ship Jobs:

If you love the oceans around the world, then get a job in the cruise ship. Below mentioned are a few positions that you can apply for according to


Casino dealer

Entertainment director


Retail clerk

Dance host




There are so many cruise locations than you could imagine. The qualifications and salary varies by positions applied for. You can find jobs posted on and other general job websites.

6. Truck Driver:

The hours would be long and traveling would be lonely, but as a trucker, you can see the country. The median wage for tractor-trailer truck drivers is $41,340 per year, but that can rise as there is presently shortage of truck drivers. The career advice is that you must be passionate about driving and should be comfortable with solitude.

7. Peace Corps Volunteer:

With a desire to travel to foreign lands and help people there, you can join the Peace Corps. You usually register for two years contact and spend the time in one location, and while doing that you can see the place and its neighboring areas.

This is a volunteering job and you get paid and benefits, and also good for your resume.

8. Travel Nurse:

How could be that you are working in a health-care unit and also getting a chance to travel to various destinations? To mention, nurses are perhaps the most in-demand for traveling positions. provides with job positions for registered nurses across the country. The traveling nurses can make up to about $10,000 per month, and also has privilege to choose the location.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance for today. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career tips, news, and updates.

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