Career Advice: The Best IT Certifications In Demand

In this digital era, technology jobs are playing their significant role. With various technological certifications, you can easily access them to upgrade yourself with know;edge and skills. Some are sponsored by software vendors, a few by other organizations, and some by academic institutions. This blog tell you about the best IT certifications programs that could help you and give an upper edge.

List of the best IT certifications program:

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist:

This aides IT staff to evaluate skills in installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of a specific MS technology. This certification is created to tell about the skills and proficiency a holder has on a definite platform.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert:

This is a vendor-sponsored certification, with focus on Cisco’s products. To access this, one must qualify written exam and a hands-on lab. One has to make a choice among the several tracks: Routing and Switching, Security, Networking, Voice, and Service Provider.

Cisco Certified Security Professional:

This has focus on skills related to securing networks which run Cisco routers and various equipments. One has to pass 5 written exams and has to recertify every three years by qualifying one exam. It highlights on skills related to securing networks which run Cisco routers and other equipments.

Red Hat Certified Engineer:

A well respected Linux certifications and is also performance-based. Candidates have to perform actual real-time network installation, configuration, solve problems, and administration tasks on a live system. An highly advanced certification which needs completion of five endorsement exams.

Technology Infrastructure Library:

They offer knowledge demonstration and skills for management positions in IT services. It jha s3 levels of certification: Foundation, Practitioner, and Manager. Globally, ITIL is a widely recognized qualification in IT service management.

International Software Testing Qualifications Board:

This is a software testing qualification certification organization. They takes the responsibility of the international qualification scheme namely “ISTQB Certified Tester”. One has to qualify, based on the syllabus, and there are several levels of qualifications and guidelines for accreditation and examination.

Project Management Professional:

The Project Management Institute (PMI) maintains the PMP exam. This certificate helps to measure project management expertise in a candidate by validating skills and knowledge needed to plan, budget, and lead a technology project.

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer:

This calculates developer’s ability to develop and maintain software solutions with the help of VS 2008 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. It has 3 certification paths (Windows Developer 3.5, ASP.NET Developer 3.5, and Enterprise Applications Developer 3.5), MCPD is for the IT professionals who has to design, optimize, and operate MS technologies to fulfill business needs.

Sun certified system administrator:

They provides an opportunity to professionals to take knowledge associated to the Solaris operating system administrator. One must have deep knowledge of Solaris system and has to qualify two exams related to two versions of this OS.

Oracle’s Database administration (DBA):

A broad range of certification programs for entry-level to professionals who have a good experience and for domains from DBA and DBM to programming.

Oracle’s OCA DBA 11g is made to certify foundation skills needed for DBA or application development. This helps a candidate to develop skills for managing a large scale database and improves the knowledge regarding the concepts and architecture related to database, backup and recovery procedures. OCA DBA 10g is a certification for basic skills needed for DBA or application development. OCP Certification DBA 10g evaluates candidate’s skills for implementing and managing complex Oracle Database 10g functions, and recover and tune the database with the help of advanced tools and technologies.

With this we conclude. Hope our blog on best IT certifications helps you. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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