Best Resume Tips: Some Do’s & Don’ts Of Resume

Well, to write a good resume is to be very professional and clear with every details and objective. This blog is to help you and guide to make a good resume. There are some resume dos and don’ts and you must know them to make your resume outstanding. Read on the below resume tips mentioned at career advice blog, to see what they have to say.

Career advice on how to write a good resume

Why you need a good resume?

A job attracts several resumes and this says that the resume gets a quick scan before getting approved or rejected. Always know that first impression counts!

What makes your resume stand out?

Here we share tips on how to make your resume appear outstanding.

1. How to make resume effective and successful?

  • Keep it short, not too long and to the mark. Your resume must tell a story about your life, neither your entire professional history. Instead, it should just fit for the job you are looking for. While you set your priorities, know that recent experience counts more than old ones.
  • Keep your resume organized, clean and readable. Use bullet points and outline it to make a resume so that it can highlight your accomplishments, and helps the HR person to fast scan and make sense of it.
  • Focus on skills, achievements, and results. One of the most essential career advice.
  • Clearly write the resume and with supporting details.
  • It could be that the first person reading the resume is not an expert on the position. So you need to be precise and simple in your words. Job-specific terms and acronyms would not be sufficient for everyone to understand your resume; minimize them and make your resume well defined.

2. Most common resume errors

  • Spelling and grammatical mistakes. This gives an impression that you are either careless or a lazy person; bad at communication or just sloppy. Chances are that you could be misunderstood and reflect the wrong impression of your professionalism.

  • Send your resume in a format that won’t be difficult to open. The best is that if you send an email with a plain text attached. Or, email the same as a .doc file.

  • Work-related summary or objective is too general. It should be in accordance with prominence at the top of your resume. It should tell about your experience that fits the job which you are applying, or highlights the type of job, the professional challenges, and culture you are looking for.

  • A long resume, with outdated information, will serve no good purpose. Always keep in mind this piece of career advice.

  • Highlight your current skills and emphasize which will make them valuable in a particular job search. It might not be one pager but also not too long.

  • Do not just cut and paste the same job responsibilities for multiple jobs. You need to be specific. You must make changes as per the positions you apply and not keep same as what you applied prior for another role. Grow skills over time. Try to upgrade yourself.

  • Not enough and relevant information. Your resume must be relevant and with adequate information. Your resume says that you could be strong for a position to your resume. The competition is high and the HR people are eager to remove the wrong resumes. Let your resume speak of your strengths.

  • Know that the HR person is not reading between the lines. With the Applicant Tracking System, your resume must be an obvious and potential match. DO not use the same resume you sent for the last job. Use the one which is potential for the job.

  • Make use of keywords that fast show your potential fit. Make the information stand out with bullet points and headings/sub-headings if applicable. Develop a title for yourself who also applies to the job you are applying, and put it on top of the resume below your name and contact information.


Know that your resume must be in competition with several hundreds of resumes and it must be outstanding. But to make it outstanding, doesn’t mean to take up or make tricks. Simply you need to create a good resume and this is the actual career advice.

Follow the above advice, and make an effort to improve your resume and enhance the chances to become outstanding and get shortlisted for the job you are applying.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance for today. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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