Best Pharmaceutical Careers That You Need To Know

The growth of the pharmaceutical industry has led to lots of varied opportunities because of the enhancement of new drugs and consumer development for medical products. Let us see few of the best pharmaceutical careers that you need to know:

1) Pharmacist

About 2,70,000 Pharmacist professionals are employed today and they have good knowledge and earn better with experience. If you want to have a successful pharmaceutical career then get a bachelor’s degree with a three-year pharmacy program. Such people work in hospitals, clinics, local pharmacies etc.

2) Pharmacy Technician

In hospitals, retail pharmacies, and clinics almost 3,40,000 pharmacy technicians have been employed. This field will have an excellent demand in the future. It is very significant to undertake pharmacy tech training programs to clear the national certification exam.

3) Biochemist

These professionals would be dealing with a screening of genetic disorders and diseases. There are few research biochemists who are involved in dealing with the development of new drugs like cancer treatments. The average salary of this professional is about 80000Rs.

4) Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

When compared to other sales representative the average salary of pharmaceutical sales representative earns about 50000 Rs per month in India. To become a sales representative it is very significant to have a bachelor’s degree in communicating with doctors and other health care professionals.

Thus pharmaceutical industry has lots of varied career options for you. Join the best pharmaceutical training and make a flourishing career in this field.

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