Career Guidance Tip For HR Professionals And Recruiters To Avoid This Networking Mistake

Networking is just not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, and email because you only get half of the benefits from it. This is one of the biggest networking mistakes. To use the complete benefit of Networking one must step out of the comfort zone and conduct face to face networking. This commitment of yours will definitely reward you.

The above career advice is very much important and you must consider working in presentations and industry conferences which is very suitable for networking. In this place, you will find lots of people with similar ideologies and common goals. Thus it will not give rise to an awkward situation even if you meet a stranger.

Sign up and attend a conference right now if you haven’t done it earlier. This is a very good opportunity. Another important career guidance tip is that if you are already attending conferences then do not stick to your usual group it is important to meet new people every other day.

There is nothing that will slip of your hand by doing so and just keep in mind that only you expose yourself to new people you will actually reach great heights rather than working it out from home.

You can also conduct elevator pitch sessions for about 20 to 30 seconds especially in unexpected networking and you need to prepare well for it.

If you are not prepared then here are few effective career guidance tip for you to project about yourself without getting nervous:

1) I am so and so

2) I am doing so and so

3) I am expecting so and so

Below is an example for you to refer and apply in the conferences or networking events

Hello all!, This is Rohan, I am an HR professional working in an IT firm. I am excited to meet new people with similar ideologies and get to know about staffing and recruiting. I feel to stay connected and grow together. This is who I am and I will reveal about what do we achieve out of this meeting and my motto of this introduction very soon.

Follow the above career guidance tips and be prepared to take the risk and step out of the comfort zone to meet new people and promote your ideas. People end up committing networking mistakes like using social media for digital promotion but as said earlier it is not enough to achieve complete success.

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