Avoid These 5 Common Resume Mistakes

There are lots of candidates struggling out there for applying a job and here is a career advice for them. There are some resume errors that needs to be avoided. There are lots of job openings for freshers and here we are going to discuss the common mistakes committed in most of the resumes. Change your resume if you have made these mistakes.

1) A very dry resume

An employer friendly and attractive resume is required and very significant. The framework of the resume should be kept very simple and must include sub-headings and should have a good flow. A grammatical error or a silly typo will reduce the value of your resume and will throw it in the bin and therefore proofread your resume several times to find mistakes.

2) Create your resume with respect to the position

There is no global format for resume rather it should vary with respect to each position, exhibit your experience with respect to the job you are applying for.


3) Do not depend on the online resume templates

Most of the candidates use the online resume templates and you will not be different from the crowd apart from that most of the online resume templates have complex or layouts which are difficult to read and are outdated. Thus you may lose the chance of getting hired.


4) Not targeting your achievements

In this tough competitive world you need to list a lot more than duties and responsibilities with respect to your previous experience like your previous achievements and you need to use the terminology with respect to the job description and must attract the future employer.


5) Your resume is too long

Nobody follows one page resume now a days and people are extending it two or three. Long pages are not acceptable but yes it is good to project all the experiences. So only two pages are sufficient Thus the career advice for engineering jobs has come to an end.

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