Answers To Common C++ Programming Interview Questions

Interviews always create some tensed situation and to make you feel easy about them, here we share some commonly asked C++ interview questions for experienced and fresher. And also shared the best suitable answers from the internet sources along with the common C++ programming interview questions.

A list of some commonly asked C++ programming interview questions:

1) Define a class in C++?

A class in C++ is a group of function and relevant data with a single name. A blueprint of objects.

2) What is void main () in C++ language?

To carry out the C++ application, it involves two steps, firstly compilation where the transformation of C++ code to object code happens. And secondly, includes linking, where the combination of object code from the programmer and from libraries occurs.

3) Explain C++ objects?

Objects are instances of class, it holds the data variables declared in class and the member functions work on these class objects.

Each object has different data variables. Objects are initialised using special class functions called Constructors. We will study about constructors later.

4) How to specify a class in C++?

With the use of keyword class followed by an identifier, one can specify the class in C++.

Inside the curly brackets, the body of the class is defined. It is finished with a semi-colon in the end.

The class adds blueprints for an object, so an object is created from a class or in other words an object is an instance of a class.

5) Explain the characteristics of Class Members in C++?

Data and Functions belongs to C++,

Within a class definition, data and methods should be declared

Within a class, a member can’t be re-declared

Besides class definition, no member can be added anywhere else

6) Define Member Functions in Classes?

The member function manages the behavior of a class. It gives a definition of supporting various operations on data.

7) Define namespace std.

Namespace std has classes, objects, and functions of the standard C++ library.

8) Define Loop function.

In a programming language, to carry out a set of statements with repetition, unless a specific condition is satisfied, the Loop function is used.

In C++ language, there are 3 types of loops

While loop

For loop

Do-while loop

9) What is a basic type of variable used under a different condition in C++?

The variable used under a different condition in C++ is:

Bool: To store boolean values

Char: To store character types

int: They have integral values

Float and double: They are with large and floating point values

10) Tell how functions are classified in C++?

In C++ functions are classified as

Return type

Function Name


Function body

11) What are Access specifiers in C++ class? Tell about their types.

Access specifiers tell about the access rights for the statements or functions which follow it until the end of class or another specifier is included. There are three types of specifiers




12) Define Operators

Operators are certain operands which are used to perform specific operations to get a result. The various kinds of operators available for C++ are Assignment Operator, Compound Assignment Operator, Arithmetic Operator, and Increment Operator and so on.

13) Define C-style character string?

A string is a 1D array of characters which is finished by a null character ‘\0’.

14) Define reference variable in C++?

A reference variable is like a pointer but with differences. It is done using & Operator. A reference is an alternate name for an already existing variable

15) Define data abstraction in C++?

Data abstraction is a method to offer essential information to the world while hiding background details.

The problem that occurs is called exceptional handling. The exceptional handling in C++ is done by 3 keywords.




16) Define data encapsulation in C++?

Encapsulation is an Oops concept which ties together data and functions. This is also called data hiding mechanism.

17) What is the decision making statements in C++?

The decision making statements in C++ are

If statement

switch statement

Conditional operator

18) Define multi-threading in C++?

To execute 2 or more programs simultaneously multi-threading is useful. There are two types:



19) Define upcasting in C++?

Upcasting is to covert a subclass reference or pointer into its upper-class reference or pointer is.

20) Define pre-processor in C++?

Pre-processors are directives, which give direction to the compiler to pre-process information before the start of actual compilation.

21) What are copy constructor and its use?

Copy constructor is a method which accepts an object of the same class and copies the data member to an object on left side of the assignment.

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