How To Answer About Hobbies In Job Interview

During an interview, several questions are being asked and one among them is about your hobby. When being asked about your hobby, never lie about it, they can recognize. Moreover, your hobby must sound like an actual hobby. To help you with answering for hobbies in job interview, here we write this blog.

To mention watching a movie is not a hobby unless you know about the current movie releases, popular directors and their movie-making styles, basic movie genres, and who played what role in famous movies. Simply watching movies like watching series is not a hobby. Writing and reading books is also not a hobby unless you can show some credibility to the articles.

To summarise you need to portray your passion for it.

Any activity which keeps you in an active role instead of a passive one is a good idea. Anything you come up with research and, if possible with proper links to mention, there would be a better point.

A hiring expert said that several times, the candidates try to find a correlation between their hobby and the job role. But that’s not the scene and trying that and creating lies, really don’t play good.

They find movies as bad answers because film and TV are non-interactive media; you sit and watch idly. Not an impressive answer. Avid reading could be a better answer that involves creativity; even if you are not the author, reading demands time and makes you think, imagine, etc.

The best options to mention as hobbies could be: studying programming languages, any sport, avid reading, photography, hiking, and musician.

Since those are real hobbies, you must be well-versed in all of them, to answer questions in a better way. Well, if you real hobbies you don’t need to prepare hard, you can just answer them at the moment. Hobbies speak about your skills and personality and that way, the interviewers can make out, how to decide among the candidates who could best suit their company.

So the proper answer to such questions would be your real hobby.

If your hobby and your vocation are the same (like writing), there you can reason like this, you have a passion for writing and also makes the skill utilized to earn your living. Just be creative an active with your reply. And more importantly, you must be honest.

If you don’t have hobbies that would sound like a red flag as you might not know how to manage your time outside of your work.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance on telling about hobbies in job interview. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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