Amazing Answers For The Interview Question “ what Will You Do If You Are Not Selected”

There are many candidates working in a company for a profile through entry level engineering jobs which may not suit their likings and wanting to shift to another position within the company. So here is a career advice for such people:

If you are already working in a company and if you want to change your position within your company, you will need to face this question of what will you do if you are not selected? The interviewer wants to know whether you are serious about the change of the position or about the company on the whole.

So here is the best answer for this interview question “What will you do if you are not hired?”

I am very dedicated for the company’s growth and its advancement and this reason is sufficient for you to hire me. Obviously I will work in the current position and be a support to whoever actually gets selected other than me but then if its me then I could do my best service with respect to my experience in this field.

Other Answers

If you are looking out for a job switch or a position change then you really to answer from these examples:

I will keep on searching for offers in this field that will suit my schedule and goals

I will keep looking for more opportunities within the company.

I will train myself more for getting more experience to be suitable for the job.

I will search for part time job in my desired field.

I feel this should be the best suited for me therefore I need not worry about it.

Advantages for Internal position application

It is a very good chance for you to promote yourself and your skills to your employers.

Even if you are rejected while still working in a different position you need not worry you can bag the future opportunities in the company.

It is a way to advertise your unexpressed talent to your employees.

Disadvantages of Internal position application

If you are not selected then you would feel low as you are still working in the same office and you will stuck up with emotions. These emotions are natural as you are a human. If you can manage it well and good if not you will not do good to yourself and the current job. There are many jobs for freshers especially the Pune job for it freshers, don’t miss the opportunity.

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