6 Highest Paying Jobs In India To Make You Rich

Who doesn’t dream of becoming rich? Yes, everyone has that dream and only a few get uniquely very rich. Here at career advice, we compiled a list of top careers in India that offer you huge salary package.

You can become very rich if you put your hard work, determination, and prowess to it. Nothing good comes at ease. But did you wonder how they found their jobs? What courses they did? What path do they choose to get a gifted career?

Here is a list of top careers in India that offer you huge salary package.

IT and Software Engineers

Undoubtedly the IT sector offers the highest salary. For that, you have to really good with computers and computer languages. Your work would include designing, implementation and managing the system. If the software you design gets a good response in the market, the name, fame, and money are yours. The software would remain among the highest paying jobs in India for many more years to come.

Salary: Salary for IT and Software Engineers with 10 – 20 years of experience can rise up to 22 Lacs PA.

Educational qualification: Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or a related field. Some companies opt for master’s degrees in the same. Voluntary certifications are also helpful.

Investment Bankers

Though investment bankers have versatile educational backgrounds, a person with a strong foundation in mathematics is of prime importance. The graduates typically start the roles of analysts and after completion of a training program, they begin their job.

Salary package: With experience, salaries can reach 26 Lacs PA.

Educational qualification: Bachelor’s degree in finance, mathematics or accounting is needed.

Marketing professionals

To excel in a field, you must have the right focus and passion. One of the most alluring jobs in India is that of a marketing professional who has the responsibility of creating marketing campaigns for a product or promotional ideas. You need to do extensive research, product development, etc. Some might consider marketing as a low paying job, but the fact is that if you learn this art then nothing is as lucrative as this profession.

Salary: With experience, it rises! Marketing Managers earn an average annual salary of 6-7 Lacs and they can also go up to 22 Lacs PA.

Educational qualification: Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in marketing or business administration is a must.

Chartered Accountant

To become a CA often require lots of patience and dedication, but once you have cleared the CA exam and become a CA, even your starting salary would be very heavy. Being one of the trending jobs in India in the present time, you need to be extra smart and have a lot of knowledge about Business and Accountancy.

Salary: Experience counts. The highest pay for CA can extend up to 35 Lacs P.A.

Educational qualification: Graduation with a 2 year CA programme after receiving a bachelor’s degree is a must.

Medical Professional

This profession offers a steady growth, a secure career and is one of the highest paid Jobs in India. You treat people, save their lives, take care of them and at certain times give them a new life. You actually work for the society.

Salary: Irrespective of being a general Physician or a specialized doctor, you will never more than 5 Lacs annually. An Anesthesiologist gets highest up to 40 Lacs annually.

Educational qualification: There several degrees in the medical field like an M.B.B.S., B.D.S, B.Pharm, etc.

Commercial Pilot

Another highly paid, and in a sense, a very challenging job is a commercial pilot in the airline sector. There is a regular demand for qualified pilots at several big companies in the aviation sector.

Salary: With about 15 to 20 years of experience your salary can increase to about 35 Lacs PA.

Educational qualification: Bachelor’s degree in aviation, aircraft operations, aeronautical engineering or related fields.

With this, we conclude.

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