5 Types of Common Interview Questions With Tips

Interview questions come in various forms and types. So in today’s blog on career advice, we shall help you with tips to find useful during interviews. Preparing for an interview is really a difficult task. Because you won’t be able to go with all answers as you don’t know what could be the possible questions. But the best thing is that almost every interview question could be classified.

Here we mention five common types of interview questions with tips:

General interview questions :

What are they? They form the basis of almost every other question. They are asked to put the ball in your court.

When are they asked? They come up in almost every interview.

How to answer them: here you need your skills, experience, and personality that could match up with what the employer is looking for.

The worst thing you might do: Tell your life story which is unnecessary.

Example of Questions:

Tell about yourself

Tell about your weaknesses?

Why there is a gap in work history?

Why you applied for this position?

Career goal questions :

What are they? They are asked to know where you are in your professional life, and what your future plans are.

When is it asked? They are commonly aimed at recent graduates, career changers or who switch jobs casually.

How to reply: Preparation is the key. You have to research about the company and just let them believe that you are keen about the job position and have plans to be there for a long time.

The worst thing to avoid: By telling them you want to do their job (or any such cliché answer).

Example of Questions:

Why do you want to work for this company?

Why do you want to make a career in it?

Where do you see yourself in coming years?

What is your dream job?

Questions to check competency

What are they? Competency questions focus on knowing your ability to handle the job.

When are they asked? They are asked if any previous experience or achievements.

How to answer them: You have to prepare examples. You need to highlight your key skills in the job description. And add an example that proves about your attribute.

The worst to avoid: To make it as you go along.


How did you work to/missed a deadline

How did you deal with a big change?

Character questions :

What are they? They are asked to find what you are capable of achieving.

When do they ask? They are often asked when the role needs teamwork, tough situations and making quick and fair decisions.

How to answer them: Focus on demonstrating your appreciation of values (both your own and the company’s), positive work ethic, ability to work well with others and handle tough situations. Show you can do the job, and fit in (without breaking anything), and you’ll be on the right track.

The worst thing to avoid: Lie.


Tell about your core values?

Whom you admire, and why?

When did you least deal with a difficult situation and how?

Tricky and creativity questions :

What are they? These questions are asked to put you under pressure, to know your ability or to see how creative you are on the spot.

When are they asked? It’s not an uncommon question but mostly asked during group interviews.

How to answer: Your answer isn’t that important but your reasoning. Don’t look at the question literally, and find a good answer to it.

The worst to avoid: Getting tensed and sobbing.


If you were an animal, what you liked to be?

Every CV has a lie in it. Tell us yours.

Sell me this object (say a pen or a diary)

Hope you will find this helpful. If you wish to make careers in engineering or any other field, keep reading our blogs.

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