5 Real Ways To Build Your Confidence Right Before Your Interview

No interview is big or small; every interview would decide your fate. At the same time, certain things about interviews might terrify you. So here is career advice, where we share simple ways to help you build your confidence right before an interview.

Stop imagining the negative stories :

Your brain’s main task is to minimize danger and maximize rewards, so when an outcome is unknown your mind starts fearing the worst and spin negative stories. So it is essential for you to recognize what your overly analytic mind is doing in creating wrong fictions.

Take a momentary break and focus on the reality. Think positive and build your confidence.

Breathe in and out :

Anxiety is a physiological response to risks, the best thing is to take deep breathe with focus. Keep your attention on the breath, notice the sensations in your body as you exhale, and also the momentary pause between inhaling and exhale.

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Be your best :

Being at your best means having the feel of “All Is Well”. Doing such you benefit in two ways, firstly using your everything you’ve got at the moment and, secondly, you won’t let anxiety get in.

In an interview, these two things would definitely help you.

To enlist this feeling, try this: Sit with closed eyes, and think how it feels when you’re firing on all the cylinders. Check in to see where the feeling resides in your body, in stomach or chest or fingertips. Imagine that place as the source of this energy, the flow, the power, the ease. Next when you need it, only focus on that place and you’ll get your best.

Deal with rejection positively :

Rejection is never acceptable! Getting dismissed many times makes us question our worth. You start questioning what wrong you must have done. It affects the self-esteem.

But rejection doesn’t stop you from a second interview and its preparations. The first interview might furnish you more an prepare you for more better a job opportunity.

Normalise the process :

You might enter the interview room with a thought that the interviewer is there to judge you.No that is totally wrong!

The reality is that you are there because your resume and cover letter caught the hiring manager’s attention. You were asked to come because they consider you an eligible candidate for a post. Only you need to prove your potential during the interview.

So next time you go for an interview, build your confidence with the above-mentioned career advice.

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