5 Cyber Security Practices That A Company Must Follow To Keep Safe Online

Internet has been both boon and curse at the same time. When internet has brought several benefits to society, and businesses as well. Companies can now connect with people and broadcast their services and products in ways which were unimaginable many years ago. With all amazing opportunities what Internet has brought, there are also some downsides as well. One such downside is the rise of hacking. Hackers can steal you or your company’s information order to possibly sell it to the other or competing companies. Hence, cyber security is so important, as it helps protect your company’s information. Here at career advice, we discuss the most important steps that can prevent security breach.

At a forum in New York, a team of Covington lawyers addressed this concern among companies that their most valuable assets might be lost in an employee’s pocket or be disclosed through an employee’s using social media site. To address, this threat involves several disciplines beyond trade secret laws, including employment, employee benefits and compensation, white collar crime, corporate and securities, insurance coverage, and crisis management. This blog discusses five best ways in which companies can make use of comprehensive privacy programs and huge data security measures to help prevent and respond to an insider’s intentional unintentional disclosure of confidential information about the company.

Update The Software

Keeping software updates is an important step in keeping your company’s information safe. As the blog says, at times there could be a weakness in the software which hackers can exploit. While developers might release the loopholes to help you keep your computer safe, if you do not keep them updated, you might be vulnerable to an attack.


If your company or business has a website, you are quite vulnerable to attacks. Hence, you must make sure that your website is secured by hosting over HTTPS is critical to ensure your company’s safety. If you don’t have a digital certificate and don’t host HTTPS, your website is quite susceptible to various kinds of hacking attacks. You have to surely get your website hosted by HTTPS, as some hackers try to gain access to any part of your website which is not secure.

Verify Sources

Several times hacks occur from users downloading a program, which when downloaded can cause critical problems for your computer. Many times these attacks are downloaded from questionable websites. Another way it can happen is that, when a user receives an email which looks official but in reality, a hacker attempting to put malware on the computer. That is why you need to verify the source of a link you download, whether it is a website or an email.

Protective Software

According to this MIT article, downloading protective software can be a great way to keep your computer safe. Protective software scans your files and updates its virus definition on a regular basis. These functions can help keep your computer, and thus your company’s information, safe from hackers.

Secure Password

A strong password is mandatory as it can keep your accounts safe. And it is good to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters which can help increase the security of your password. Regularly you need to keep changing your password and keep your account safe, also as using a different password for every major account. A strong password must be non-negotiable for any portal which your company uses.

To conclude, though the Internet has several unique opportunities and advantages, it also has some threat. Hackers are always seeking for websites or accounts to break into. This could make it tough for your company’s proprietary information to be kept safe. Hopefully, by making use of some of the strategies and tips mentioned above, you can help keep your company’s crucial information in the right hands and away from the hackers.

Though you might assume that there is a minimal possibility of someone breaking into your company’s information systems and stealing the sensitive data, the reality is harsh. Fact is that cyber attacks on businesses are quite common. The National Cyber Security Alliance found that about half of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack, and over than 70 percent of attacks target the small businesses.

Small and medium-sized companies usually lack cybersecurity protocols and IT security staff needed to protect the large companies, making them easy and vulnerable to cyber attacks. It’s essential to try and prevent such data breaches at your office because they could be a costly thing to happen.

A recent survey by the Ponemon Institute found that an average breach costs businesses $1.41 per record compromised, and the total cost of a breach which includes the repair costs and lost revenue as well and it can be over a million dollars. Moreover, a breach that takes away sensitive information like the customers’ credit card numbers or your employees’ social security numbers could also cost the reputation of your business.

The best thing is that you need to take basic, yet critical so that you greatly lower the odds which cyber thieves break into your systems.

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