5 Best Career Advice Tips For You By Great Leaders

If you are searching for career opportunities and you feel dejected that you are not getting the job you love then you are at the right place and just read through these career advice from famous people and get inspire to fight your battle.

1) Maya Angelou: Create your own way

This is one of the famous quote shared by Maya Angelou in the book The Best Advice I Ever Got

If you are being offered something which you don’t like or if you are reaching a place which you don’t like and if you are not wiling to go back then just step out of the road and create your own way”.

2) Richard Branson: Never look back and regret; move on

His mother taught him, “ Do not weep on spilt milk. Do not crib and cry over failures continuously instead use that energy to create something new. Just move on”.

3) J. K. Rowling: Accept the failures

The author of Harry Potter knows a lot about achieving success.

Failures are bound to occur you cannot stop it, the only thing that matters is how would you deal with it with the right mindset. Just accept the failures without any regrets and learn from your mistakes.

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4) Marissa Mayer: Take an idea and make it your life

She told about the best advise she received in a 2011 interview:

Do not get confused with what you want to choose when you have two options: Just take an option and make it your life just give your 100 % of work towards it. You will definitely succeed”.

5) George Stephanopoulos: Relax

If you are worried about today, don’t think that it will define your tomorrow. Every day is a new day and you just need to fight again to win your battle.”

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