4 Ways Google Can Boost Your Job Search

Finding a new job is not an easy thing. If you are after a better job takes a lot of time and effort. And if you are already employed then you have very little spare time for job searching.

This blog post is to discuss how Google can help you in your search for the best job.

Recognise The Job Opportunities

The best way for Google to identify job opportunities specifically for you is to set up Google Alerts.


Go to google.com/alerts

Login with your Google account

Write the keywords you want to track

Mention how often you want to receive information.

Write the keywords very carefully before you use. Be sure that you enter keywords about the following:

Companies you want to work for

Industry events

Specific people in industries or companies you target

Specific Job Titles

Raise your Profile Amongst Employers

Google serves equally to everyone. So you have to create your own advantage to use Google to raise your online profile. You need to create your own personal brand when you are searching for a new job. It will help Google bring you to the attention of potential employers. You need to do the following:

Create a website or a blog portraying your skills and qualifications.

Create an online resume, format and use keywords that get selected by resume screening software.

Join LinkedIn and optimize your chances to ensure Google notices you.

Find Latest Industry News

Along with setting up Google Alerts for company and industry news, you must also be using Google News to remain updated with what is happening in the industry. This will provide updated information about companies which are hiring and also much background information of your help if you reach an interview stage. All you need to do some research with the following:

Visit news.google.com

Next, customise your search function

Add related terms for industry and specific companies

Save the settings

Clean Up Your Image

This must be the first thing to do if you are in search for a new job. Google will take some time to notice the changes you make to your online profile; hence the sooner you start, it’s good for you.

Ensure the following steps:

Initiate a Google Alert for your name and variations of your name and keep a watch on anything that appears.

Clean your social profile mainly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Final Advice

You can take advantage of services like Google Maps to find companies in your locality. Google keywords which include your industry and geographical preference will find and share results.

Keep the above things in mind before you start a fully fledged job search. Keep connected with this space of career advice and remain updated with our tips and advice and also learn about the job opportunities.

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