4 Common Interview Mistakes To Avoid With Their Fixes

You have been through an interview but you are not confident that you cracked it. It happens with everyone; just maintain your calmness and focus on yourself to find what you have missed? Here at career advice we mention four such common mistakes rather call them missteps that we tend to do.

Misstep 1: No questions to ask

When an interviewer asks if you have any questions, they’re putting the ball in your court. Take it as a chance to show an interviewer that you know about the organization and what you can bring to the team.

Saying that “I have no questions,” generally hints as “I have no interest.”

Misstep 2: When asked about your biggest weakness, you respond with “I’m a perfectionist.”

Never do that! If you truly are a perfectionist, then keep your happiness up to yourself.

What you can do is that you can hint at your weakness, but also share your action plans to address them or something that you already implemented in your life.

Misstep 3: To ask about the salary at once

Just imagine would you like answering or would you ask on your first date how many babies you could be interested in bringing out? Obviously not! Asking anything related to salary, office hours, etc. Hints as an inexperienced, overeager, and a little bad.

While you must not ask any salary questions in your first interview, but be prepared to answer them, no sooner asked about the same.

Misstep 4: I’m sorry I’m late

An interview is the launching point for your career so never be late, whatever might happen.

You stay healthy and knowing the traffic conditions, you must show prior to your interview time. Also fast go through your notes and resumes for one last time.

If you have to wonder why you didn’t get a call for the next round, do remember about these interview missteps which you might have committed, either all or at least one.

Just recollect if you ever committed any of the above-mentioned missteps? And do remember not to repeat them. And if you are applying as a fresher then our career advice would be helpful. Keep looking into this space to know more about career tips and be prepared to rock at the interviews.

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