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Important Questions And Tips For Android Interview

Let us see in detail about the career guidance for Android professionals and  tips for android interview freshers with respect to Android development. 5 most common Android Interview Questions 1)What are the main components/building blocks of Android? Explain! (On the other hand, the interviewer can just jot down the components and ask you to explain.) 2) Candidates may be asked

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List of MIS Executive Interview Questions

A hardware and a software system for collecting, processing, storing, and disseminate data or information to assist the management are called MIS (Management Information System). The current MIS of an organization is maintained by a professional MIS Executive. You can also become a Data Analyst, Business Analyst or Research Analyst with better experience and skills. Let us see some of

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Tips To Keep In Mind When You Change A Career

Let us see few questions you can ask yourself for Change a Career assisting you in job searching. These tips are important while changing your career. 1) Ideal Job: An ideal job depends on the following factors: High salary package Excellent benefits Company’s stability Commute Opportunities for advancement 2) The company culture that will suit you the best: Go through

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