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Career Advice: Best Answers When Interviewer Asked About Your ‘Career Goals’

Interviews actually decide your job, it can fetch you a good one or be a reason if you lose. There are a few people, who despite having all qualifications and attitude, cannot be successful in an interview because they fail to give satisfactory answers. Sometimes interview questions are tricky and one such questions are, ‘What are your career goals and

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Tips To Overcome Shyness And Grow Confident

Shyness and confidence are quite inversely proportional to each other. Be it shyness or nervousness, but that keeps confidence at a distance and hampers your personality a lot. Often experts are approached with the following questions: How to overcome shyness and talk face interviews, confidently? How to gain self-confidence and take part in office meetings, successfully? How to become an

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Careers After Post Graduation In Fields Of Arts, Science, And Commerce

In this world of competitions, it has now become quite essential to earn a post-graduation degree. There is rising demand for knowledge-based workers which made it essential that one must have an exemplary academic qualification to get the dream job. Here it is to mention, that even a Post Graduate Degree is not sufficient nowadays, to guarantee the desired career.

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