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Best Career Advice From Dad

It is always wise to listen to our elders on various matters, included job advice. And who could be the best person to confer some real-life advice than our father? He has seen challenges overcome adversities and can give the best practical career advice which would be good for you. Advice 1: Dream Big It’s essential to have big dreams.

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5 Real Ways To Build Your Confidence Right Before Your Interview

No interview is big or small; every interview would decide your fate. At the same time, certain things about interviews might terrify you. So here is career advice, where we share simple ways to help you build your confidence right before an interview. Stop imagining the negative stories : Your brain’s main task is to minimize danger and maximize rewards,

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How Is The Future Of Work Defined By Artificial Intelligence?

Do you what is the biggest threat to the workforce? Well, it’s none other than Technology! Its rate of advancement and apparent ability to enhance without any human intervention is sending the new professional into an age where artificial intelligence is similar to superior intelligence. 1. How artificial intelligence will affect jobs In words of Stephen Hawking, we’re at the

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