12 Best Careers For Introverts You Would Love To Know

Are you an introvert? Do you find expressing yourself difficult? Well, you are not the only one. When you feel being introvert is being a hurdle in choosing the right career, then it’s time to think on a different tangent. Why not choose a career where being silent doesn’t hamper you and your professional growth? There are several careers for introverts, to know about them, keep reading.

Introverts have keen observation power, a great ear for listening, and an exemplary skill when it is time to prepare details. Here we share a list of jobs for introverts where you can portray your strength.

1) Astronomer:

The footsteps of Galileo, Copernicus, and Newton and what do you need more? With a well-paying, solitary job studying the stars or working on satellites.

2) Programmer:

Coding is also suited to introverts because it also happens to be quite a solitary profession. Moreover, it’s a kind of job that really doesn’t need you to be in an office, as well.

There is also the freedom to work remotely as a programmer; you don’t have to be confined to a working environment and culture which takes lower your energy reserves. Rather, you can work wherever you feel and offers the perfect stimulation, be it your room, a coffee shop, a library or a co-working space.

If you wish to become a programmer then you will require a computer science degree, but as findings show you don’t need one (survey says that, 69% of developers are self-taught).

3) Social media manager:

To head a company’s Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks could be perfect for an introvert.

4) Criminologist:

They are sociologists with specialization in the cause, correction, and prevention of crime. This demands, solo duties which include analyzing criminal behaviour, studying law enforcement techniques that affect crime rates, and writing down reports.

5) Archivist:

An archivist does the work of edits, assembles, preserves, catalogues, manages and appraises some types of records, like manuscripts, websites, electronic records, photographs, films, maps, sound recordings, artwork and historical items.

Archivists have the choice to work in different types of places that include universities, museums, government offices, zoos, corporate offices, aquariums, botanical gardens, nature centres and historical places.

The role is enacted in solitude, as you have to work without any social interaction for most of the day. This kind of job really appeals to introverts who are highly organized by nature.

6) Court reporter:

This work involves you to transcribe court proceedings, and interactions with others are very less. You need to go to an office, sit, keep records, and then leave.

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7) Graphic designer:

In silence, you can bring out your creative side to its best. You can design creative logos, websites, or other products on requirement based. You might need to meet a client, but then it is just to meet them and get the requirements documented.

8) Financial analyst:

This profession gives emphasis to an introvert’s meticulous nature, this job needs analyzing the performance of stocks and bonds, studying business trends, and writing financial reports.

9) Translator:

This is a fast-growing career field which involves independent time to transform written documents from one language to another.

10) Writer:

An all-time favourite for introverts. They find it easy to express themselves in written format than speaking it. This doesn’t mean that introverts are incapable of talking; it just means that writing is a form of communication and they feel better doing it.

Writing is one of the best ways that the introverts opt to work because it involves several periods of working in solitary, sometimes with the necessary real-life conversation be with a manager or the client.

There are several kinds of writing jobs. Besides, becoming a published author, poet , novelist, or journalist, you can work as a blogger, bid writer, grant writer, copywriter, ghost-writer, speechwriter, resume writer, staff writer, technical writer or a translator.

There are several great websites for finding writing jobs which include Journalism.co.uk,Problogger.com,Online-writing-jobs.com, and Gorkana Jobs.

11) Graphic designer:

This is an appealing job and creative careers for introverts, who are imaginative or have an artistic streak. While several people might dream of painting or drawing the entire day, only a very of the highly talented artists can take this as a lucrative decision.

To mention, several companies need graphic designers. And designers opt to work alone, with the quietness of privacy being preferable to problem-solving and creating or designing innovative solutions.

12) Lorry driver:

You must not have thought about this opportunity when you were considering about careers for introverts, especially after graduation, right? In fact, it could be a job that is furthest from your understanding or acknowledgement.

Anyways, if you are someone who really wants prolonged solitude, then being a lorry driver could is the best way or could be appealing to you. This work involves driving around the entire day with very minimal social interaction.

To mention, all introverts are not alike. Introversion and extroversion both sit on a broad range and can be mixed as well. It is very essential to go for a job that most likely suits your personality and how you work perform best in it.

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