10 Reasons Why You Need A Mentor

The significance of mentor is undeniable. Today’s blog on career advice is about how mentorship can help you in your professional life.

If you don’t have a mentor yet, you must find one because whether it was Maya Angelou for Oprah Winfrey or Steve Jobs for Mark Zuckerberg, every famous and successful people had a mentor at a certain phase in life.

You might wonder how they could make a difference! Here we list a number of ways they can influence your life.

1) They advocate you personally:

A mentor will always have your back. They will protect you from missteps and will defend you when you commit an error.

2) They advise you:

A mentor can provide unbiased advice when needed. With their experience about certain situations, they might see in you the potential which you might not have seen in yourself yet.

3) They offer knowledge and resources:

A mentor can help you discover opportunities or methods to accelerate your career which you don’t know about existing.

4) They push you to learn:

Mentors will make you learn new skills, even prior you need them. They will prepare you for future problems if any arise.

5) They are your own cheerleader:

They will always praise and acknowledge your accomplishments and motivated to perform better.

6) They are your friend:

Besides career advice, a mentor will bestow a warm friendship. They will be your elder brother or sister and will always want the best for you, both professionally and personally.

7) They provide with network opportunities:

With the help of your mentor, you will be able to access both knowledge and resources you as an individual junior couldn’t get to yourself.

8) They motivates :

He or she is the best motivator you can have. They would challenge and encourage you to do more because they can see the capabilities in you.

9) They know how to succeed professionally:

A mentor has been there and went through everything before achieving the place. They have experience that is not theoretical and can share career tips with you.

10) They help you to succeed more than you expected:

You will get more confident, have lesser worries, will be more inspired and adapt faster to professionalism.

The fact is that a mentor will help you to advance in your career.

With this, we conclude today’s career advice! To make your career in engineering and other fields, keep looking into this space for more career tips and methods.

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