How To Write Perfect CV For Engineers

Writing engineering CV requires several key features which must be present to show your knowledge, skill sets and abilities.

These can be presented in various ways and are dependent on the role, company, and industry you are applying for.

Here we share a list of tips on how to write an engineering CV.

Technical skills

It is recommended to use a separate section for your technical skills, systems, software and hardware knowledge, processes and frameworks and knowledge of H&S and compliance etc. Any formal course can also be added.


Reporting is an important engineering role so you need to show your skills in this area and also mention the frequencies of reporting and audience for the reports.

Communication skills

Communication is the key. You need to present yourself as a good communicator over the phone, e-mail and in person.

Project Work

If your experience demands a project work, ensure to state the size of the project, duration and how many were involved. If the work was done in other locations and/or countries, also specify that.

Interpersonal skills

Several CVs for engineers do not show interpersonal skills and they primarily focus on their technical skills. With strong interpersonal skills, your CV gets a competitive advantage and makes you stand ahead.

Hobbies & interests

It is always wise to show that you are fit, healthy and have other interests as well. So you need to mention that perspective in your CV.

Organisational skills

Engineering roles need individuals to be highly organized. They must be able to manage their workloads efficiently and show a proper approach to work.

Show when and how you have improved your efficiencies

If you have experience of improving processes via streamlining, designing innovative ways of working or simply some small continuous improvements you have made, you should mention them in your engineering CV.

Industry Knowledge

And with knowledge of the industry is a unique advantage when you apply for a role. You need to portray how you know the industry if you have experience from the past.

So if you think there is a shortfall in your CV, then you need to make an edit and then apply for jobs to stand different from the crowd. You can also show a basic interest in the area in your cover letter.

Are you looking for entry-level engineering jobs presently? Choosing the right career is essential for your growth in life and you must enjoy doing your job. For mechanical engineering jobs keep looking into our space for more career advice.

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