What Is Your Dream Job?: The Most Difficult Question in an Interview

Most of the candidates who have attended interviews have faced this question “ what is your dream job?”. In such cases mention it only if is related to the job you are actually being interviewed for. Here are few career guidance tips to answer this question:

The Motto behind this question:

The employer wants to know whether the candidate is right for the job or not and they also want to know whether the candidate is motivated to work for them and be satisfied with the profile. The answer to this question will express the passion and priorities of the candidate.

Proper way to Answer

The answer to this question must be relevant to the job for example if you are attending a sales interview then you must reveal that your passion is about connecting with customers.

You can also mention your passion to be a part of an empowering team or to work together. If you are interviewed in a Bank officer job then you need to mention bank operations and transactions as your passion. As per the career advice given by experts just be sure that whatever you mention should be relevant to the job you are applying for.

Your Job Profile should replicate your answer

Your job profile that you are mentioning must sync with the dream job you want to do. There is no need to mention any specific position like Passport officer or HR but then roles and responsibilities are more than enough. You can mention your skills that are relevant for the job and type of company you would like to work in. Follow these career guidance tips to make a successful career in this field.

Stick to the present and future

You can mention the ultimate motto of life that you can reach via your dream job. If you are applying for an NGO then you need to mention that your job is to serve the people. You need to mention your long-term goal in answering the question about your dream job.

Things to Avoid:

  • Big goals taking more time to achieve: Although your dream job is related to your current job that you are applying for, your ultimate goal may take more time to achieve and your employers want someone stable who will stick to their company rather than working for short tenures. So convey your goals and assure your stability as well.

  • Job titles: It is enough to mention the roles and skills that you would like to for rather than mentioning particular job titles.

  • Trying to impress with a lie: Do not say that you are interested in this job you are applying for because it is your dream job. It might give a false impression.

Sample Answers for “what is your dream job?”

  • The main criteria I am looking for in this job is to collect the details of the customers and maintain a record properly. I am passionate about database maintenance therefore as a fresher I would like to gain experience from scratch with your company.

  • I love teaching students and share the knowledge and I believe that by sharing and explaining the concepts I get to know more about the area I teach and there can also focus on Research and Development.

Follow this career advice to impress your employer.

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