Ways To Overcome On Top Fears Before A Job Interview

Job interviews are exciting. With every interview, you get richer for a valuable experience. But there is a factor which disturbs all the positive aspects of a job interview and it is called fear and it comes in several forms. Today at career advice we shall discuss some of the fears and also share solutions for the smae.

Where That Fear Comes From?

People are usually afraid of things which they don’t know. Suspense creates uneasiness, especially when it’s something to do with the future.

In this continuation, here we list top fears which job hunters face while preparing for job interviews and facing interviewing situations.

1.What could they ask? What if I answer wrong?


In most interviews, they ask similar questions. Get prepared for the most usual types of questions, E.g.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies.

How you spend your free time?

Why do you want to work for us?

What makes you a suitable candidate for this position?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How will you contribute to the growth of the company?

Do you fit into this company’s culture?

What you need to is prepare for the above question and some similar common ones. Definitely, you will overcome your fear.

2. I don’t have enough experience


Find someone with a lot of experience in the position you’re willing to apply. LinkedIn is a great place for such connections. Read their professional biography and see the main milestones that led them there. Make sure your resume well written.

3. What if fail to pick the right outfit?


Try to know how the people in the organization dress, and follow the pattern.

4. What if I behave strangely?


Just try to be in proper etiquette. Humor is okay, but no inappropriate jokes.

5. What if I am late? What if something prevents me?


Don’t let bad thoughts come to your mind. Make sure that you leave for the interview very early and get there at least half an hour before time. If something unexpected occurs then make a call and ask them to reschedule the interview.

6. What if they don’t think I’m not well motivated?


Portray genuine interest in the organization’s mission. Appear with a smile, engage in conversation, and ask some questions about the company. An essential thing is to listen! That will show your true interest in that position.

The fact is that you can never be perfectly prepared for an interview. There would be something similar that you expected, there also could be unplanned things. But maintain your calm and play the ball right in your court.

Want to circumvent typical mistakes of job seeker? There are several job opportunities, but to bridge the gap between expectations of the employer and the candidate is essential. Keep reading our career advice and next time you go for a walk in interview jobs, be better prepared with our tips and advice.

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