How To Use Twitter To Find Job Opportunities

Is Twitter good for job search? How good is it to fetch a new job? Let’s share some tips on how to use Twitter to find a job.

Know your strategy on how to use Twitter

Before getting into Twitter, know your reasons. Try to meet new people. So how to come across new people and connect them.

  • Find the influencers in your industry.

  • People with common interest or passion

  • People in your hometown or current location

  • Find the recruiters

Next, you need to make your bio that to be included in your profile, think about what you will include in your profile which give people an idea about you and what to be found in your tweets.

Plan your personal brand and keywords people to help them find you.

How to write a bio?

Before telling how to use Twitter, let’s first tell how to write a bio.

  • First, log in and start writing.

  • Use your name as your Twitter account to be remembered and found easily.

  • Finish your Bio in two or three sentences. How to brand your message? A bio can have fragmented sentences.

  • Tweet relevant

You can random tweet something relevant or share an article that could help you in your career. You can also share your LinkedIn link in your profile.

Whatever you do, always give reasons to people a desire to follow you.

Find whom to follow. They include the following:

  • The influencers in your industry.

  • People who share a common interest or passion

  • People in your city/town

  • Recruiters

  • Target company employees

You can find on Twitter about your favourite news sources and industry influencers. Next, you need to find Twitter’s recommendations of whom to follow. Chances are that they would all be people, in the same industry.

With Twitter’s Advanced Search, you can find people from your places. If you have to relocate, then add your new location.

Try finding recruiters and follow them.

Once you find them, be sure to add them to a list. This would help you see what they are sharing more easily.

Create lists

Keep it organized and create lists. Also, you can categorize or create your own. To create a list, click your profile picture, a pull-down menu would pop up. Select Lists.

Do retweet (RT)

The best way is to start with retweeting the tweets of people you have followed. They would be grateful. Be prepared with your response tweet that would be something complementary to warm up the connection.

Be focused

Always know that positive brings positive. It is easy to be sidelined by posting personal stuff or irrelevant tweets. It’s wise to be professional on Twitter.

Every time you log into Twitter, it’s a challenge to tweet, RT or thanks for any RT if someone did it.

Follow new people every time you log in. On reading an article or blog you like, find the writer there and follow them on Twitter.

So remain focused. If your aim is to find job opportunities, you need to put emphasis on the right things. The first action or mission is to meet new people and follow them and RT their tweets.

Hope your job search experience on Twitter is positive. With this, we finish our today’s discussion on how to use Twitter.

Hope our career guidance tips for the day, is helpful to you. Also keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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