How To Use Positive Language In Interviews

Several interview advices tell how to give reply to specific questions, or ways in specific which you are prepared. Rarely do you find a general tone of advice on how to present yourself and give replies in positive ways. You should be careful about the language you use and things you must avoid.

Here we share a list of Do’s and Don’ts during an interview:

Avoid some phrases:

I don’t think I had a failure

I don’t make mistakes

I always give above 100% in a job

The above mentioned phrases are deceitful and the hiring manager will definitely see through them.

Instead you can use phrases like:

Whenever I failed, it helped me to learn what happened wrong and I could do the right thing next time

I will try and do the right practise such that I don’t make mistakes again.

I remain focused on my job at hand and try not be distracted by lesser important things.

Positive Conversations

Don’t start ranting about previous events or people you worked with. There is no point of telling about any difficult team member and that being a reason you’re leaving, the hiring manager is never interested to know that. They are eager to know how you would help his team achieve. You need to listen to their questions and respond with phrases like:

That sounds like a really interesting challenge to face.

I’ve been in a similar situation and the experience helped me to deal difficult situations.

I’m glad for the question, because it’s something which I enjoy doing.

Always say what you learned

It’s essential to talk about what you’ve learned from different settings and how they helped in your development. You might also tell how you learned, can include the papers you read, the books you follow, the TV programmes you watch, these gives information about you.

You must also tell about the blogs you read, the seminars, webinars and workshops you attend to earn knowledge in different ways. Hiring managers would be eager to know hoe you keep yourself updated.

Don’t hide your weaknesses

If you’re asked about things like MS Excel, writing or slide presentations which is a part of the job; then don’t focus on how bad you are at those tasks, but tell them how you found ways to make sure it doesn’t stop you from performing good at job.

Leave a good impression

Be sure that you have introduced yourself well, and when you leave, that you leave the hiring manager with a lasting positive impression. This includes a firm handshake when you meet and then when you leave. As you shake your hands, you can say:

Thanks for calling me for the interview, it sounds like a role that I’m going to enjoy, and I might fit well with the team and the company

When I was doing research about the company, I was impressed to know how big it is and the opportunities it has

And when you are about to leave say something like “Thanks for meeting with me, it’ll be good to get the feedback from the interview. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk again soon.”

With this we conclude. Hope this piece of information helps you during interviews.

Keep the above things in mind before you look for career opportunities abroad. And keep connected with this space of career advice for more career-related tips and advice.

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