Is Unpaid Internship Good For You?

Most of the people consider a lot about unpaid internships. Some of them believe that hands on experience and industry connection really matter irrespective of your empty wallet. Some of them think that unpaid internships make use of the recent graduates as no body wants to work for free. Jobs in Civil Engineering is more than enough for you to make your career in this field.

1) Is money important?

It is definitely said that your experience speaks a lot but you cant skip your bills. If you feel that money is required to run your family then you must not choose unpaid internships. If you are still willing to gain experience then take up a part time job along with these internship offers.

2) Extra Exposures

After graduation most of the candidates search for jobs and most of the entry level jobs are demanding one to two years of experience. There is no experience you can get without landing in the entry level jobs. It is very irritating. So in such cases unpaid internships helps you to gain experience which can be used during the entry level job interviews.

3) What is my profile?

It has already been said that unpaid internships provide knowledge and skills during the course. You should also know that whether this unpaid internship satisfies you. You should be aware of what do you do on a daily basis. Will you be doing mediocre jobs or you are involved in the major discussions.

4) Does it match up with your standards?

You need to do a thorough research to check whether this unpaid internship is upto your standard mark. It should be related to your industry so that you can use it for your career growth. There are lots of job vacancies in Pune for freshers, just follow the above points to make a successful career.

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