Top Wipro Technical & HR Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced 2019

Top Wipro Technical Interview Questions For Fresher 2019

It is not an easy task to clear technical rounds. To help the candidates clear the technical and HR interview rounds, this blog contains few sample questions that you can prepare on for both freshers and experienced professionals.

Unix Interview Questions:

  • At the time of issuing commands in the shell, write down the typical syntax that is being followed?

  • List down the common shells and their indicators?

  • Difference between multiuser and multi task.

  • At the time of using a directory, what is the use of it.

CSS Interview Questions:

  • Define Child Selectors

  • Define Pseudo Classes

  • Purpose of z-index

  • Define CSS rule ‘ruleset’

  • Define imported Style Sheet? How to link?

HTML5 Interview Questions:

  • Define SVG?

  • Define various new form element types in HTML 5?

  • Are there a proper display of character entities on all the systems

  • List down the various elements offered by HTML5 for media content

  • Difference between Canvas and SVG.

Wipro HR Interview Questions For Freshers 2019:

  • Describe Yourself

  • List down your successful projects and support it with reasons

  • List down the things that bore you

  • Are you interested in higher education?

  • Explain some of your challenging situation and the way you handled it.

Top Wipro Technical Interview Questions For Experienced 2019:

  • Associate Consultant SAP Interview Questions

  • Define bristlecone?

  • Describe SAP ABAP Architecture?

  • Define the UPDATE function module? Are there any other types of Function Modules?

  • Senior Architect Interview Questions

  • Reasons to join Altisource?

  • how to manage the corrupted record scenario?

  • What are Cohesion and coupling?

Wipro HR Interview Questions For Experienced 2019:

  • Introduce yourself

  • Your field of interest

  • Your career options

  • Your driving force

  • Describe your Strengths?

  • Do you intend to change your role and profile as per the need for the project?

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