Top Tips For Video Cover Letter To Get A Job

Don’t be surprised if the next time an employer asks for a video related to your application for an efficient and effective way to evaluate your candidature. Yes, many interviewers are using video technology to their hiring practices. Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer, iCIMS says that about 65 percent of employers are adding video technology to know more about personality and professionalism of job seekers before scheduling a face to face or a phone interview.

For job seekers, you can incorporate a video cover letter as a bonus to your application. If next time you are asked to add a video aspect to your application, then you need to consider the following tips from Vitale to create a winning video cover letter.

1. Do sufficient research. Job seekers must know what the employer wants and how they think. You need to consider what the company offers and its mission. Learn everything about the organization and the people of the departments, where you’d like to work. You can get enough information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to access information which other candidates might not bother to find.

2. Learn from others. You can easily get ideas from what other people have. According to Vitale, YouTube can be your best reference tool. There you can watch video cover letters to gain ideas, from professionals to very casual and creative. You can also add your own ideas and styles to what you have learned.

3. Expand your channels. You should include on-screen text and other visual imagery that adds more depth and meaning to your video. You should understand the company’s tone in its communication materials and speak in a similar voice while recording a video cover letter.

4. Practice becoming perfect. You cannot expect to create your video in just one sitting. You have to appear confident, natural and in relax mode, and that needs practice. Vitale says that during writing a script; refer specific items mentioned in the job description and information about the company.

5. Be short and direct. Usually, many people have limited attention spans and hiring executives are busy in looking for new hires. If the organization doesn’t give any guideline, then it is best to finish the video cover letters within two minutes. This provides a sufficient amount of time to share your story in brief without even losing the audience’s attention.

So next time if you are asked to send a video description of your cover letter then you need to follow the above-mentioned points.

Good luck!

Keep the above things in mind before you look for job opportunities in any field. And whether you are an experience holder or looking for job openings for fresher, remain connected with this space of career advice for more career-related tips and advice

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