Top Indian Scholarships To Study Abroad And Materialise Your Dreams

It’s a dream for many students in India to study in top international universities, but financial constraints cause hindrance to such dreams. This is why several national and international bodies try to make sure that the talented students are not denied quality education owing to lack of funds. Here we listed top Indian scholarships to study abroad. You can apply for them, if you want to study in countries like the US, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and China.

Scholarships for Study in the States:

1. Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships:


This American Indian scholarship is given by USIEF to Indians who want to pursue either a master’s degree or so research in any U.S. organization.

Eligibility – Students must have completed the U.S. equivalent of bachelor’s (i.e. 4 years of education), and must have at least 3 years of work experience in an area where you wish to study.

Expenses covered are the tuition fee, airfare (economy class), textbooks, and a living stipend.

Areas of Study –Arts and Culture, International Legal Studies, Environmental Science, Public Health, Gender Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, and Public Administration.

When to apply – From June prior to the year of the start of the program.

No. of Seats–Not specific; USIEF considers the applications found deserving of the scholarship.

2. Tata Scholarship:


This helps Indian students to study at Cornell University, USA for their UG courses.

Eligibility – Candidates applying for this scholarship must be Indian Citizens who have secured an admission to Cornell University, and need financial aid.

Expenses Covered are the tuition fee for UG programs up to 8 semesters. For programs exceeding that duration (like Architecture), the student must bear the additional cost. Living expenses, food, medical, and traveling are all covered under the aid.

Areas of Study –Planning and Architecture, Engineering, Applied Economics and Management and majors across Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences.

When to apply – Applications is open around the time of college applications, mainly in October/November every year and awards are given in December.

No. of Seats –20 students in total studying at Cornell at once.

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Scholarship for Study in China:

Chinese Government Scholarships:


These scholarships are given under the India-China Cultural Exchange Program to students who wish to study in the Universities in China for UG, PG, as well as doctoral programs.

Eligibility – The candidates must have at least 60% marks or above in their last academic qualification, and must have good knowledge of geography, culture, and heritage of China. Since the medium of instruction is Chinese, candidates must undergo one-year training in the Chinese language before the admission.

Expenses Covered are tuition fee and living/travel expenses, based on financial needs of the candidate. The Indian Government looks after the airfare expenses to China and back.

Areas of Study –16 different disciplines in Science, Literature & Language, and Humanities & Social Sciences are more preferred.

When to apply – In March every year.

No. of Seats – There is no specific number of seats for the scholarship.

Scholarships for Study in the United Kingdom:

1. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship:


They offer scholarships to students from the Commonwealth countries (like India) who can make significant contributions to their homeland. The scholarship is for students who wish to apply to the masters and Ph.D. programs in the UK.

Eligibility–The candidate must be an Indian Citizen, and must have done education in English medium. He or she must have secured at least 60% in Social Sciences and Humanities or at least 65% in Science and Agriculture, Engineering and Technology. Ph.D. candidates have the same eligibility criteria.

Expenses Covered are the tuition fee, economy return airfare, and living expenses.

Areas of Study –Engineering and Technology, Sciences (Pure and Applied), Agriculture, Humanities and Social Sciences.

When to apply – Applications are open in August every year for the batches to start next year.

No. of Seats–No specific number of seats, deserving candidates are shortlisted for the scholarship.

2. Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships:


These scholarships are given by Newcastle University to students who are offered a place to study at the university.

Eligibility – Candidates who were offered to study at the university, for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Expenses Covered are a partial aid of £3,000 on college tuition for a year.

Areas of Study – The scholarship covers UG, PG, and integrated master’s programs.

When to apply – The University allocates scholarships in February, there is no necessity to apply separately for it.

No. of Seats –255 awards every year.

3. Chevening Scholarships:


This is an initiative by the UK government to help students and professionals from India to take up leadership roles. It helps in finishing a one-year master’s program in the country.

Eligibility – An undergraduate or postgraduate student who wish to pursue a master’s degree in the UK are eligible for it. Candidates with minimum 2 years of work experience are preferable.

Expenses Covered are tuition, living expenses, travel costs to and from the UK, and other allowances. It offers full or partial aid that depends upon the candidate’s need.

Areas of Study – All 1 year of master’s programs are covered.

When to apply – You need to apply in August and the process ends in July every year.

No. of Seats –65 seats.

Scholarships for Study in Europe, United States, and the United Kingdom:

1. Inlaks Scholarship:


The Inlaks-Shivdasani Foundation offers this scholarship to exceptionally talented Indian Students who want to study or gain professional excellence at the international universities.

Eligibility – Students must be a resident of India and have a UG degree from a recognized Indian University. Candidates must be lesser than 30 years of age.

Expenses Covered are tuition and living expenses up to the US $100,000.

Areas of Study – All areas of study, except Engineering, Business Studies, Medicine, Computer Science, Public Health, Fashion Design, Music, and Film Animation.

When to apply- You should look for applications in January every year.

No. of Seats – No specific number of seats, the interview board decides on the candidates to be selected.

2. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students:


This is funded by the European Union and is directed at students from EU and non-EU students to study at the European Universities under approved Erasmus Mundus Action Joint Programmes.

Eligibility – This is eligible for a student who is selected to attend any of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programs at Masters or Doctoral Level.

Expenses Covered include tuition fee, travel costs, insurance costs, and living expenses. Non-EU students are given higher scholarships than the EU students in many cases.

Areas of Study – It covers 116 master’s courses and 29 doctoral courses. Areas of study include Agriculture, Engineering, Veterinary Sciences, Mathematics & Computing, Manufacturing, Health & Welfare, Social Sciences, Arts, and Business & Law.

When to apply– Look for the applications in months of October to January.

No. of Seats – There is no specific number of seats.

Scholarship for Study in Canada:

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award:


This Award is offered by the University of British Columbia for international students applying for the undergraduate courses.

Eligibility – The student must be nominated by the school which he or she currently attends. It must be the student’s first UG degree, and the student must be proficient in English.

Expenses Covered depends on the various financial needs, and an assessment is done by the university about the financial situation of the candidate. The award covers tuition fee and living expenses. The Award is renewed for all three years of UG study if the student shows satisfactory academic performance and has financial needs.

Areas of Study – Any field under the UG program.

When to apply– The deadline to complete the applications is November, every year.

No. of Seats – There is no specific number of seats.

Well, with this we conclude. Hope you find this piece of information helpful on Indian government scholarship schemes available for studies in abroad. Keep dreaming big and fulfil them. Don’t worry about financial constraints, with the above-mentioned scholarship for Indian students, you will get through the education years and create a niche for yourself and shine in your field.

Good Luck!

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