Top Highest Paying Careers In The Field Of Electrical Engineering

If you Google about the highest paying careers in the engineering sector, then you will definitely find electrical engineering listed. You could be a qualified electrical engineering or in the process of becoming one, browsing about potential career prospects could be of help. Here we share a list of a complete breakdown of the five highest paying careers in this field, and also how industry and location choices can influence your annual income.

Before knowing about the highest paying careers, let’s find the names that missed the list, with a minute edge. The 3 below mentioned career paths might not offer the largest annual salaries as per research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), but they would yet provide graduates with a sufficient income.

Firmware Engineer – With a salary of about $86,000 a year, these engineers support a brand’s technical infrastructure through the management of bug and glitches or complete removal.

Control Engineer –Their duty includes handling space flight control systems and also upkeeps civic power grids, and can earn about $93,883 in annual compensation.

Application Engineer – They earn an annual salary of approximately $99,750, and their work includes expert-level support for machine functions and other automated system processes.

With the above mentions, here we share the list of the 5 highest paying careers in electrical engineering:

Project Engineer

This happens to be the first career on our list. They serve as a leader for specific engineering projects within a corporation or municipal agency. Their task includes maintaining the projects on budget, on time completion, and fostering communication between the various individuals and outside influences that go into the process. If you find yourself working at this position, the BLS states that one can expect to earn about $103,486 annually.

Software Engineer

With a top end salary which is about $106,670, the software engineer career comes next on this list. As a part of this digitally-oriented job role, one has to develop and design computer programs which not only power huge in-house systems and services, and also helps to unify and combine different program functions.

Electrical Engineer

With the job role and the annual salary that it provides, it falls in the middle of the pack. This highest paying career offers task that includes execution and designing components which channel electricity and test the functionality of prototype products and devices. And in return, they warn up to $124,138 annually.

Electrical Design Engineer

These engineers push the cutting edge of the component and device development while improving upon current industry benchmarks and leading products. The BLS reports that graduates who find a job in this role get annual earnings of about $128,222.

Systems Engineer

These specialists serve as an administrator of computer systems, servers, and other electrical hardware which functions as the spine of major public and corporate networks. If you find a job as a systems engineer, you can expect about $141,894 as a yearly compensation.

Choose wisely!

The fact is that, not every industry values these positions in the same manner, so it’s essential that you also combine your career choice with the right market sector to maximize the salary potential. Again depending on the BLS’ research, it shows that the oil and gas extraction industry presently pays the highest average salaries to electrical engineering graduates, primarily based on a decided lack of professionals entering this marketplace.

The computer systems design field has quite a lesser gap between open positions and lead salaries, but yet occupies the second hottest industry for recent graduates. If none of these top industries appeal your interest, then you can choose to work in the manufacturing, aerospace, and navigational sector can offer you with access to the third most active industry on the BLS’ list.

Regional Influence on Salaries

This is notable that the region in which you reside or you choose to can also impact on your salary. Suppose one stays on the West Coast of US, it will give an access to the highest average salaries across all fields and that too with a median yearly salary of about $98,642, while New York and the rest of the north-eastern region of the country comes in at second place on the list with an average salary of $88,118. The Southeast and Midwest are at a distant 3rd and 4th, offering median earning opportunities of $82,814 and $79,429, respectively.

The factors mentioned above can make or break your ability to earn the highest salary as you step out of the graduation world and enter into a professional setting. Anyways, with this information that we share, there’s no reason why you cannot maximize your wages and find an electrical engineering career which seamlessly fits into your life goals.

With this, we conclude our discussion on a career of electrical engineering graduates which happened to be the topic for the day. Also keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance, news, and updates.

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