Top 6 Career Guidance Tips To Follow Seriously In Your Job

It is very difficult to get jobs nowadays and moreover even if you get one it would be very difficult to sustain in today’s competitive field. Follow these career guidance tips to avoid silly mistakes in your job:

1. Accepting gifts from clients:

If you receive or accept any gift from a client or a customer then it would appear as an unjust treatment or you are being bribed for completing any illegal or complicated task in a simpler way. Such things ruin your career especially in public corporation, political position, or government agency. There are a few companies that follow this rule seriously.

2. Aging:

It is illegal to cut down someone because of their age. There are few companies that actually give retirement to such workers nearing retirement. There are few companies which actually cover it up as contract-based hiring so as to cut off and replace them with cheap demanding professionals.

3. Daring appearances:

There are few workplaces which do not like dashing or daring appearances as they follow conservative etiquette. The candidates need to follow a proper dress code while working in firms like consulting agencies, accounting firms, etc. It would be great to stick to the rules of the company.

4. Getting involved with coworkers:

When you are in office you need to behave like an employee irrespective of the relationship with your colleague or your client. This will actually boost your performance.

5. Not following the corporate culture:

There are a certain set of rules and protocols with respect to each and every company. If your attitude is not in accordance with the company’s culture then you will not survive in the company.

6. Poor hygiene:

It is very important to maintain hygiene not only for health reasons but also for our surroundings. If you have been noted for poor hygiene then the company will find ways to throw you out. Take this career guidance tip carefully.

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