Top 5 Jobs In Aviation To Help Your Career Take Flight

If you want to know the Top 5 Jobs In Aviation in aviation then this blog is right for you. If you are interested in traveling or very much fascinated about airplane mechanics and the inner workings of an aircraft then you can make your future in aviation. There are various openings in such areas because of a shortage of pilots and mechanics. You can use this opportunity to explore your interests and talents.

Let us see the top 5 jobs in aviation for your career :

1) Airline and commercial pilot

If you are willing to see yourself from a cockpit then you need to fetch your pilot’s license. It is possible to work for private or commercial airlines. There are lots of pilots that are a part of the unions for securing them from demotions, layoffs, pay reductions and other issues. A Bachelor’s degree is required to become an Airline pilot and must have the FAA.

2) Flight Attendant

There are lots of professionals who do not want to fly a plane but can be a part of the flying crew. Here you will respond to traveler’s need by serving food and beverages and tell them about the safety rules and announce them about on and off the plane.

3)Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanic or technician

Avionics technicians and mechanics can deal with scheduled maintenance and repairs for aircraft. They check the flight data, repair, diagnose problems and replace components as per the need and inspect the completed work. About 1,20,000 technicians are needed in the aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians.

4) Commercial air traffic controller

Landing and take off instructions especially during emergencies are dealt with by air traffic controllers. The most significant concern for such professionals is clear that they must work hard to handle efficient and timely dispatches for dealing with everything smoothly. This is definitely a lucrative job offer and is one of the best jobs in aviation.

5) Aircraft Maintenance Manager

This job profile demands both technical skill and a knack for leading teams. A person who works as a maintenance manager is an experienced professional who monitors the team’s performance maintenance on a daily basis.

A group of technical staffs are arranged by the manager and ideally performs lots of hiring and training of the team.

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