Top 5 Job Search Tips That You Need To Know

Job search is something which needs preparation from the start of a final year in college. There are lots of ways to do so with the help of Twitter and LinkedIn and apart from that, there are various job search sites and tools to get the job you want. Let us see what they are in detail:

1) Take part in social networks:

As said earlier begin your job search with social media. This is very much helpful for the job seekers to have a good self-image professionally. You can search job depending on your interest by signing up for social networks. To get in touch with the recruiters and employers you can use Google+. Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is really an excellent career guidance tip for you.

2) Job Search apps:

In this digital world, there are lots of candidates who use their smartphone for job search. There are lots of job search apps for job seekers. For instance, there are lots of job search engines like and which also has mobile app versions. This is another great application used by most of the job seekers. Follow this career advice to get lots of job opportunities.

3) Search for a mentor:

If you want some career guidance tip during your job search then you better search for a mentor who can actually guide you and provide answers to your questions. You can search for them on online platforms and he or she can be your colleague, a professional or an old college professor as well. A mentor will always have good experience in the industry which you actually want to step in. Use the My Contacts feature to find a mentor via networking online, in-person etc.

4) Create business cards:

Most of the job seekers can make use of business cards as well especially in networking events. It is very helpful at the time of meeting a new professional because you do not need to provide contact information separately on LinkedIn. Excellent options for creating sleek business cards are MOO and VistaPrint.

5) Write a blog or online portfolio:

You can also exhibit your skills and achievements via an online portfolio. It is an excellent tool that can be used at the time of a job interview and an easy way to get identified by the employers. Wix, WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly are good platforms and easy-to-use among the job seekers for job search. With the help of ready-made templates and features, you can design a professional blog and upload on these platforms.

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