Top 5 Fields As An International Career

Are you ambitious to take up an international career? This idea of finding work abroad is really appealing. Starting an international career gives you an opportunity to travel, learn new things and come across new people.

One important thing about finding an international job in your field or already working in is to take advantage of professional connections that you made either during your education or your current employer.

Here we share a list of areas where you could find job opportunities abroad.


Nursing is a profession that has several options for those who wants to do international work. English proficiency is often highly valued in these positions, and you might have to give an English aptitude test as part of the application process.

The nursing positions might be offered as full-time jobs or a short-term contract.

Two years of experience in nursing is probably needed in your work history in the field, though there are specific requirements which vary depending on the country where you are applying.


Countries, where English is not the first language, might offer teaching positions for a fluent speaker for either children or adult students.

It is also essential to do your research on the requirements expected from applicants for any available position. It is likely that you should have the required degrees or certification that would qualify you as a teacher there. This usually includes a TEFL certification. You are also expected to speak fluently the first language of the country where are applying for a job, this will always help you.


This is another area for international employment. You might choose where you wish to live mostly and search for tourism jobs available in that location. The jobs include positions at places like hotels or resorts, local tourist attractions, restaurants and much more.

Even you can find a job in cruise ships for less permanent employment possibilities in a wider selection of fields.

International Business

Another growing area that offers world traveling career opportunities in international business. There are many good companies which look to expand their reach to other countries and establish offices there.

With a minimum of bachelor’s degree in international business or a more advanced degree like an MBA, you can apply for the entry-level jobs in banks, transportation industries, consulting firms, technology companies and more.

But you will need a high level of expertise in your selective industry, leadership skills, motivation and adaptability with ever-changing technologies. Fluency in more than one language is essential to give an edge over other competitors.

Information Technology

The longest existing employment field is that of the IT. There are computers everywhere, and the jobs which give you an opportunity to work with them is rapidly increasing. To start a career in IT development, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software development, or any related field. The salary in this field varies much, based on where you work and what you do, but to mention, the majority of IT jobs pay well.

So if you are trying to find a job abroad, then you must be looking for the above areas and acquire the necessary qualification to remain ahead of other competitors.

Keep the above things in mind before you look for career opportunities abroad. And keep connected with this space of career advice for more career-related tips and advice.

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