Top 12 Careers To Look Forward In 2018

Careers are the most dynamic thing that keeps changing with time. Though they are not fast changing like fashion trends, yet there are rise and fall in popularity of careers over time. Here, we list 10 most popular careers based on their searches.

Here we share the best careers for the future list of jobs and salaries:

1. Engineering:

The all-time front-runner, engineering’s popularity will never fade anytime soon. Though a relatively predictable field, engineering today is providing students an opportunity to revolutionize our lifestyle.

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2. Information Technology:

IT has fixed its position as one of the popular and high paying careers in India. And with the emergence of new technologies and technical revolutions, IT will continue to rule the coming decades as well.

3. Design:

It consistently remained at the upper rungs of the ladder; Design career has become a career of choice for students who are not afraid to allow their creative streaks run wild. Newness and creativity run hand-in-hand with the diverse fields of design, with several areas and possibilities to explore.

4. Media and Communication:

Students are nowadays moving away from traditional and tried-and-tested career domains of the previous generations, and are moving towards thrilling and bold careers like media and communication.

5. Civil Services:

This career choice is gaining grounds but is not a matter of surprise. Civil Services remained and probably will stay, as one of the top career references for the youth in India. Being part of the administration of the nation and being in a position to initiate changes is a part of the allure of the career, and drives students to try their hands at cracking the prestigious UPSC examination. Its entry in this field really took a long time and we guess is that it will stay even longer.

6. Biochemists and biophysicists:

Biological scientists are enjoying a very fast employment gains over the past decades, and this portrays the growth of the biotechnology industry, either in part or whole.

7. Physical Science:

This science domain encompasses the study of inorganic materials like the earth, space, atmosphere, energy, and even atoms; Physical Science is a field that continued to stand the test of time. In the past centuries, the science students had the intention to move towards Engineering, the Physical Science is re-establishing its popularity with the start of exciting research and educational opportunities in both India and abroad. This field must be a top choice for all those with a penchant for scientific adventures.

8. Maths and Statistics:

Those with a fear of numbers opt to stay at least several miles away from this field, both Maths and Statistics are quite lucrative career options for those with much love for them. Both of these fields were always well-accepted by the Indian society, and are regaining popularity among the students with advancements in fields of data science and big data. Not just this, both fields hold wider applications in virtually all fields, and thus can prove to be a stepping stone to a considerable number of careers and professional opportunities.

9. Allied Medicine:

This field’s continuous presence on the list is a proof of the increasing acceptance and willingness of PCB students to look above the much-honored career of medicine. Allied Medicine gives biology based students, an opportunity to work in healthcare and support, and in the process assist medical practitioners in their work while making contributions to people’s well-being.

10. Medicine:

Though there is a little drop in rank, yet it remains a constant contender on the list of high paying careers. Medicine is one of the careers which are quite well-regarded and accepted by the Indian populace. A career that permits the professionals to create an impact on lives of others by healing them, it is undoubtedly that Medicine is considered as one of the pillars of the society and more to the modern times. With several specializations and possibilities to pursue, this field is a must be explored by the medicine and biology lovers.

11. Pharmacy technicians:

With an increased number of middle-aged and elderly people, who takes more prescription drugs has stimulated the demand for pharmacy workers. With scientific advances and leading to the development of new drugs, pharmacy workers will be required in growing numbers. So this one field is gaining significance.

12. Management:

Management is again a front-runner and a good contender. Though there is a sharp decline in its rank in the last months, it is still the preferred choice for almost everyone aiming to climb the heights of the corporate ladder. Just next to engineering amongst all the career options and standing the test of time, it is again attaining a fresh new perspective with the boom of start-ups and budding entrepreneurs in the country.

It is clear that several traditional careers are strong holding their grounds; the non-conventional careers are fast creating a niche for themselves. It could be in the domain of science, commerce or humanities (arts), students are letting anything to hold them or restrict them from making careers in their own choice of fields.

This was a list of the upcoming career trends in the year 2018 and some might continue for years longer.

Keep checking into this space for knowing more about the best career options. Hope you got some of your doubts cleared by the listing of trending careers for the coming years. Stay connected with career advice for more career tips and discussions.

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