Top 10 Best Resume Tips For Students

On a daily basis, there are lots of resumes received by most of the recruiters but then not every resume is viewed or shortlisted. Therefore you require few resume tips to crack through this scrutiny round. In this hiring process, the way you project yourself in the form of a resume is very important as it acts as your first impression. Let us see some best resume tips that you need to know:

Best Resume Tips for Students:

1. Detailed contact information :

Mention your personal contact information at the top of the page. If your contact is not properly visible then your resume will be discarded. Therefore take this as a career advice and provide your contact details clearly in bold letters.

2. Your location:

It is quite obvious that your personal contact information must include details about your geographical location as well. Most of the recruiters will choose the candidates from the nearby or local location but then sometimes if your profile is good you might be selected even if you are some other part of the country. Try your luck!

3. Your career objective:

It is better to mention about the position you are applying for after mentioning your personal contact information this will actually say what are you looking for and if you don’t suit the profile your resume will not be considered. This career guidance tip is important for the candidates applying for a job.

4. A brief summary:

Don’t drag this as a story because this point will actually show what stuff and knowledge you actually possess and also mention your experience, accomplishments and ultimate goal professionally.

5. Accurate information:

It is very important to provide genuine information in your resume because if your recruiter finds out false news then you will lose the chance of getting hired or even fired from the company after getting hired.

6. Meaningful language, not cliches:

It is good to use industry jargon’s but in a limited manner because if you are going for an HR round interview, the interviewer might not understand such technical words so it is good to keep it limited but use simple meaningful words which will exhibit your character, and work experience. This resume tip for students is very important to be noted.

7. Words, not pictures:

It is not advisable to put your photo in your resume unless and until you are applying for a job like a cabin crew (where your personality matters as well). Otherwise, for technical interviews, it is better to describe yourself in words professionally.

8. Reason to hire you:

Your resume should be pertinent for the job you are applying for therefore mention your skills and accomplishments as per the job profile and give a reason of why to hire you.

9. Conventional formatting:

Do not go for a creative resume with colors and fonts which are attractive unless and until you are applying for a graphics designer post. For professional interviews stick to a normal Times New Roman font with font size 14 and a white background.

10. Consistency and neatness:

Choose the same font size and font throughout the resume. You can highlight important points in bold and italics. Follow the above resume tips to get hired successfully.

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